Meet Robbie Johnson of The ABI Project…

Shortly approaching the two-year anniversary of The Abi Project, an online boutique with eclectic and avant-garde pieces mirroring the unique and adorable style of its owner, Robbie Johnson. Robbie’s retail background was sufficient enough to make her decision of becoming a girl boss a smooth transition. Always the ‘It Girl’ on the sales floor who was well versed in everything from low to high-end apparel and accessories because she was always serious, yet genuine about pulling together looks for her clientele.

So when Robbie introduced her latest project over a year ago, The Abi Project quickly gathered a cult following she refers to as ‘The Abi Girls’ whose style was defined as such, “The Abi-girl is a lover of pieces! She loves to mix and match old and new, from any price point, and she definitely gets her wear out of what she buys,”  Robbie explained.

Row A Seat 1 caught up with Robbie, the Style Maven via phone to chat about the brand, trends she’s excited to try this season and The Abi Project SS17 collection... Check it out and be sure to Shop & Share!

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Robbie of The Abi Project: I fell in love with fashion at a very young age. It was around the age of 5, and I remember modeling in fashion shows, ad agencies, and catalogs for department stores… So, I was pretty much groomed into the fashion industry.

Row A Seat 1: The genesis of The Abi Project.

Robbie: The Abi Project was created out of desperation for a home life balance… I was working so hard at my last job that my son really thought I lived at work … I felt like my love fashion was taking over my life and my life wasn’t balanced. So one day I decided to jump out on faith and the Abi Project was born.

Row A Seat 1: Describe The Abi Girl…

Robbie: The Abi-girl is a lover of pieces! She loves to mix and match old and new, from any price point, and she definitely gets her wear out of what she buys. To me, She’s a Carrie (Bradshaw), She’s a June (Ambrose)… Hell! She’s a Robbie! (Laughs) 

Diane Dress $149.00

Row A Seat 1: Which trends (including color, pattern, print or forecasting) are you looking forward to trying for SS17? 

Robbie: A trend that I’m really all about this season is the ruffle, as well as the sheer overlay! I am all about layering! As a Chicago girl, you have to layer because you never know which way the wind is blowing! As far as color, I have a few whites, blues, and reds! For the first time ever I’m in love with red… the first time ever!

Row A Seat 1: Robbie, you’re definitely a Chicago Style Maven with an avant-garde sense of style! Tell us about your personal style. 

Robbie: Thank you, BeBe! My personal style is very eclectic…. I love mixing fabrics, patterns, and colors. So, if I had to give it a name it would probably be avant-garde streetwear with a contemporary twist!

Want to become an ABI GIRL too? No worries! New pieces have been added to THE ABI PROJECT SS17 Collection. Check out a few of the new releases below…



  1. Wait, Is she located in Chicago? Oh, wait I see it now! I love how different her pieces are! Thank you for the intro Bebe girl

  2. This is absolutely amazing Robbie, what a great way expressing your passion for fashion. Congratulations!!! On all your accomplishments thus far and I can’t wait to see you take the world by storm. You are definitely the “it” girl. Love you hun

  3. So happy to see the Abi Project highlighted on your page and the brand celebrating its 2nd year! Robbie is definitely a fashion queen and I love that she talked about her push was needing a work/ life balance ( I see you Mocha Mom) ! I’m getting to that point and this was another great example to read and see that your passions are attainable! Great interview Bebe and continued success to The Abi Project!

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