From working as a producer for major TV networks to pitching your own outlet as on-air talent at the same networks speaks volumes and makes the decision of taking the leap of faith that much sweeter – Imagine that.

Meet Samantha Thomas, the Entertainment & Lifestyle Correspondent, and the host of SmallTALK Web Series. After receiving an Emmy Award® Samantha decided it was time to venture out and start an outlet of her own. “SmallTALK gives me the outlet to not only show my skills as a producer, but also do what I love as an on-camera talent, and have the flexibility as an entrepreneur to create and discover multiple projects,” states Thomas.


The Lincoln University alumna created SmallTALK, a web-series covering lifestyle happenings ‘around town’ while collaborating with major brands, reporting at movie premieres and red carpet special events. By following her dreams, Samantha turned what once was a 9-to-5 career goal into an entrepreneurial game changer, and she continues to push the envelope further one interview to another.

Row A Seat 1 caught up with Samantha to chat about the genesis of SmallTALK and the importance of evolution as an entrepreneur. Read the full feature and be sure to check out Samantha’s latest lifestyle segment, ‘All Things Greenery’ on FOX 32-Chicago by clicking the video below.

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Samantha Thomas of SmallTalk: My introduction to fashion started with my love for clothes. I just love to dress, and I’ve always watched my family (Mother, Grandma, and Aunties) get dressed for days and nights out. I loved the way they put things together in a classic and classy way.

Row A Seat 1: Who is Samantha Thomas?

Samantha Thomas: A true Chicagoan (city born and raised), and an Emmy® Award-winning journalist, with a love for my family, and all things lifestyle. I’m a researcher by nature, with a curiosity for finding out what’s new, and trending. On the flip-side, I love to just chill out and be around my family, or with some good reading material.

Row A Seat 1: SmallTALK with Samantha Thomas is…

Samantha Thomas: SmallTALK is a concept I created after 10-plus years as a TV News (news markets including Missouri, Las Vegas, and Chicago), and food show producer (WGN ‘Chicago’s Best/America’s Best Bites). After winning an Emmy Award®, I felt as though I’d reached the pinnacle of my broadcast news career, and wanted to do more. SmallTALK gives me the outlet to not only show my skills as a producer, but also do what I love as an on-camera talent, and have the flexibility as an entrepreneur to create and discover multiple projects.

Row A Seat 1: Now for the anticipation… Let’s talk about the moment you won the Emmy Award. 

Samantha Thomas: Sometimes I still can’t believe I have one, lol! It was a great moment. I was in a grind mode during that time in my career, so I was truly excited, but still looking for the next project to conquer (always working, lol). But having the support from my colleagues at the time was great. I feel blessed to have gained the accolade for an industry that I love.

Row A Seat 1: I love how you always reinvent your brand! As an entrepreneur, explain the importance of the term ‘staying ahead of the curve’ while branding your business. 

Samantha Thomas: I’ve always believed that reinvention is the key to staying relevant. So it helps to stay current, and move along with updates as you have to. Staying current, but always remaining true to who you are is key.

Row A Seat 1: With a background in communications, what’s your take on the evolution of the media?

Samantha Thomas: I think media is taking a positive turn. There’s always something new, and its great time for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business people to stay connected to what’s new and trending. I also find it good that many media outlets are embracing social media. It’s like the new wave of news, and it (social media), stays current.

Row A Seat 1: From #SmalkTalkAroundTown to #GoPlacesWithSmallTalk you’ve been a social butterfly throughout the City of Chicago – What’s up next?

Samantha Thomas: The World, lol! I plan to continue being patient, but staying on the grind. There are many opportunities I’ve had, even kicking off 2017, and I’m grateful for them ALL thus far. Looking back at when I decided to become an entrepreneur in 2014, I get excited when I see how far I’ve come. I just feel blessed to do what I love and look forward to more opportunities in the future.

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