With all the new releases and dope collection collaborations happening, do you ever find yourself wondering, ‘I wish my budget allowed me to dress like that,’ and honestly I do too… It’s kinda hard to keep up with all this sauce with a dry budget.

But as a college student and a lover of fashion, I find it a bit challenging of not having the proper budget to be dripped in designer all the time.

Before we get started, check my disclaimer, I am in no means saying that it’s okay to wear knockoffs unless it’s your thing. Let’s be clear, I’m not a fan of it, but what I am here to do is help you RE-CREATE and INNOVATE looks that inspire us every day.

That being said, I asked a few of my friends which celebrity looks they’d like to see recreated and of course the unanimous response was RIHANNA.

So, here goes nothing… Now, I know Halloween is around the corner and most people tend to go as a celebrity. As I scouted through many stylish looks I stumbled upon several slept on, yet easy looks to recreate courtesy of Rihanna.

In 2017, the BBHMM singer wore this look during her Valor performance. I couldn’t find the exact designer (I looked everywhere), but I can tell you how to get like Rih Rih.

We can start with the ruffled sleeved shirt! I found two shirts: one that’s a bit edgier and one that’s a bit more classic. Retailed at $30 from Fashion Nova!

 Next, is the jumper dress! This is a tad bit harder to find because it’s not a closet essential for MOST women, depending on your personal style, but I think its worth a try to rock! Surprisingly enough I found this overall dress on Amazon. It’s by Allegra K and retailed at $22! It’s a steal, right!

It’s Accessories Time! To tackle the sparkly tie that’s entirely up to you. I found some that were coin friendly, but they were sequins instead of actually sparkly material (and those can be a bit pricey). I found a sparkly tie by Zazzle (silver sequin) that is better material at $40 and the second option in gold sequin from Amazon at $9!

This is such a cute trend and the tinted frames are EVERYWHERE, but I’ll provide you with these cuties from Urban Outfitters at $13.

Green heels from Forever 21, retailed at $24!

I hope this helped. If you want anymore Rihanna looks or resources for this look, feel free to comment or shoot me a DM on IG!

Lexii Taylor
Fashion Blogger Intern
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