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Before I lay this on you guys, I just want to say that I saw this first. Nah I’m just playing, but as a denim fanatic, this Look for da Low is a personal favorite. With that being said, let’s get started!

Karrueche Tran has been well known in pop culture for about 5 years or so, but she never really gets credit for her style. Her petite shape allows room to try every single style of dress. Whether its skin tight or uber baggy she looks flawless in it! What I admire about Karrueche’s style, in particular, is how minimalistic her approach is to fashion. Trendy, but with a twist.

Fun fact: Karrueche was a stylist for Nordstrom, then for celebrities before dating Chris Brown.

During ComplexCon 2017, Karruche Tran wore, this very trendy, 2-piece dark denim set styled with A Bathing Ape Coach Jacket. The outfit included a halter top, a skirt, classic Superstar Adidas sneakers, and 90s-inspired glasses.

Let’s go through this look from head to toe. First up are the shades… Not exactly like hers, but they’ll do the trick! Try these cuties from Fashion Nova for $8, ladies!


Whew! The halter top was a little harder to find, but I found a very close similarity. Forever 21 has both of these tops in multiple colors, maybe you can mix & match!



I’m not a huge fan of skirts because they ride up all the time, but I think they’re cute though! I found both of these denim skirts from Forever 21.

My Fashion Tip: Items like this should be purchased from the same store because you want the fabric to be consistent.



I absolutely love this trend, the coach jacket is a great way to add a touch of masculinity to your girly garments. As the seasons change these jackets are a great way to incorporate layering to your look as well. Check out this find from Forever 21…

My Fashion Tip: Ladies, I encourage you to borrow from your Bae’s closet for this trend because the oversized look is definitely a whole mood.


Last, but not least, It’s always about the kicks, people! You can find the classic Adidas Superstar sneakers (in camo) Karreueche completed her look with here:  


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