These week’s Looks for da Low goes to OKC’s finest, Russell Westbrook. Yes, fellas, it is
your time to shine on this one. Westbrook is known for his rather quirky, yet stylish swag. “After all, this is the guy who brought competitive dressing to crazy new heights,
whether it was with all-over-patterned shirts, adult overalls, preppy-on-steroids fits, Canadian tuxedos, or an accessory game that would rival any try-hard menswear blogger out there,” quote via GQ magazine.

This man can rock almost anything and he does it WELL. I asked a few guy friends of mine
which male celebrity has a nice style, and Westbrook was definitely a name that came up way too many times for me not to do a Look for da Low coverage on him. Honestly, I had a hard time picking which looks to do because the man is super fly! What shocked me the most about him is that he DOESN’T HAVE A STYLIST, what?

“Because I don’t need em. Stylists create looks for you. I create my own look.”
-Russell Westbrook

When asked if he cares about when people poke fun at his fits, he replied, “No. I don’t really care about a lot of things, honestly. What people say don’t change much
about what I do. And that’s the whole concept of the commercial. Don’t do they, do you? That’s how I do things.” (Both quotes according to HotNewHipHop), I’m impressed, it goes to show you that some celebrities really don’t need the “whole team!”

Moving on… this look screamed a regular flee day in the fall (“Flee” – A Chicago slang terminology meaning well dressed or fly overall). Westbrook posted an Instagram pic of him on the go per usual and what stuck out to me was the vibrant orange camouflage pants. Now, I know these pants are a huge trend for the ladies (fellas I figured you can try something new and make it your own), and I’m a sucker for a spin on gender-bending styles. Let’s take a look:

Did y’all know Westbrook has a clothing line? Because I surely didn’t! The sweatshirt he’s wearing is called, Honor the Gift. This specific piece is the “Inner City” hoodie, it’s a representation of how growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles is what shaped him to become who he is today. I looked up this sweatshirt and unfortunately, it’s unavailable on the website, but I will provide a link, then provide you with an alternative.

Rec Center T-Shirt (Black), $40
Rec Center Hoodie (Not in stock)

For the second option, I immediately thought of in place of the “Inner City” sweatshirt is something old school and simple, but still familiar. With that being said, here is a white Champion hoodie that you can purchase from Urban Outfitters for $70 (Or you might find one at the thrift store).

Champion UO Exclusive Neon Stacked Hoodie Sweatshirt, $69.00 (Back)
Champion UO Exclusive Neon Stacked Hoodie Sweatshirt, $69.00 (Front)

Next up, is this extended denim jacket! I feel bad for guys because their clothes are so much more expensive, but us ladies have bigger fish to fry. Anyway, I found two options for the jacket that are both from ASOS: one is $33 and the other is $180.

Sixth June Longline Denim Jacket With Fleece Lining, $182.00
ASOS Denim Worker In Dark Wash, $32.00

Now to my favorite part, the orange camo pants. I found these bad boys from Zumiez for $35.

Rothco BDU Savage Orange Camo Cargo Pants, $49.95

And last but not least, the kicks. What NBA player would Russell Westbrook be if he didn’t have some Jordan’s? For this look, he’s rocking some Air Jordan 3 Retro BG’s. I’m sure you fellas would know where to get these from, but I found a pair for you all just in case.

Air Jordan 3 Retro BG

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