Sleek, timeless and it looks good on anyone. Ladies and gentleman, we are now redefining the suit. In a time where retro trends are constantly recycled and revamped, suits have always remained classic. In the past, we have seen this piece evolve with various adornments depending on the decade. Seeing fashion icons like Grace Jones rocking shoulder pads without a blouse in the 80’s, or reaching back to days of Al Capone’s big baggy baller suits in the 30’s, shows how a suit continues to be reinvented. Now in 2017, I can say that the basic suit has come a substantially long way.

Imagine if men began to rock fabulous suits like F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S, or maybe putting a swaggy spin on it like ASAP Rocky… Nevertheless, men have definitely grown out of the oversized suits, do you all remember that humungous suit Carmelo Anthony had on? Yea, I tried to forget about it too. It is all about fitting nowadays. Fellas, if your pant legs are touching the floor and your bodice isn’t the perfect width, you’re doing it all wrong. Slim fit suits make men look much leaner and a bit more elegant in my opinion. What I love about a man’s suit now more than ever, is how they can play with the content more. Goodbye to the full tuxedos with a bow tie and suspenders, hello dope turtleneck, classic tees, and two-toned suits. Playing around with patterns and switching up to simply not wearing a bow tie is fly!

Of course, I didn’t forget about my ladies. One of the perks of being a woman is the ability to diversify our clothing and add a feminine touch when we embrace men’s fashion.

I love gender-bending looks and I have been LIVING for women in suits lately. Whether its with pants or paired with a skirt, you all have been slaying it! Pantsuits can come in flair bottom, straight leg, slim fit or even baggy if you’re feeling a little unique.

Although I’m not corporate level yet, the thought of being able to slay in the workplace as well as slay for dinner afterward is something I definitely look forward to doing. If you’re on the hunt to shop this look, here are a few of my favorite places: Zara, H&M, Suit Supply, Banana Republic, Express, Max Mara, Victoria Beckham, Céline

Lexii Taylor
Fashion Blogger Intern
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