The What – “The Assyrian”

Amazing neckwear should have a combination of great color(s) and texture. Instead of always relying on the use of silk, we decided to push the bar and work with leather. How else can a simple tie compete with some of the amazing clothing garments in today’s market? Despite the aforementioned, K&K has found a way to once again make clothing the accessory!

The Assyrian has been in the making for over a year. We caught hell trying to get the fabric to work in a way that was comfortable and classic.  Since we don’t do clip-on bowies, and never will (not even for kids) we had to test every kind of hide/leather type in the market to make sure the ties had enough flexibility to be self tied. But, after much study, we came across a stash of leather that works. We now currently have a line of exclusive leather self-tie bowties that we call, “The Assyrian.”  These are available only through custom order inquiries at

The Why – The Name?

History Lesson: In the history of leather the Assyrians were game changers. The first rudimental tanning process is mentioned in Assyrian texts and in Homers Iliad. They were the one of the first recorded tribes of people known for their leather preservation skills, also known as leather tanning.

This group would go on to preserve leather in a way that none of their world partners could. Henceforth, we now have leather shoes, jackets, other protective gear, and #bowties. How could K&K do a leather collection and “knott” rock with innovators? That’s who we are, and innovation is what we do!

The Who Customers Wanted

You! If you are mid to high fashion, and like neckwear that doesn’t force you into the “Dandy” (we loathe this word) box, then this is your go-to option. Clean and ready for a black tie, or a Friday at the office with a wide collar denim shirt and tweed blazer. The Assyrian fall color ways: Cognac, Cordovan/Oxblood, Black, Chocolate, & Forest Green. Each is reversible backed with navy slightly checked 100-percent wool. As a custom company, we also do four shapes in this and our spring color will be more bold and vibrant. Nevertheless, don’t let anyone tell you this bow-tie isn’t for you.  It’s too rugged, classic, posh, clean, & mean for it not to be!

PS – Check out the Assyrian in the K&K Un-Hemmed (Dare to Dream) video, here!