They say a woman’s best quality is her confidence and I assure you this bella wears it well, I’m talking six-inch designer pumps well; YES, I’m full-figured, but I’ll out style and out design my competition, well!

Meet Kenyatta Jones, the star of WEtv’s series “House of Curves” and CEO/head fashion designer of the first high-fashion full-figured designer line, Bella Rene’. Bella Rene’, affectionately named after her mother, Karen Rene’ has been making headlines and turning heads since she introduced her brand in September of 2007. 

According to Jones, it’s been quite the battle dealing with the dated opinions of plus-size women and their ‘place’ in the fashion industry. “In the beginning we heard crickets! No one would even give us buying appointments. It was so inconceivable to retailers that women wanted what we had for sale. It’s of course the complete opposite now. I think they are seeing that we have a powerful voice and lots of dollars to spend,” says Jones.

Standing strong with a powerful voice is something we all can relate to especially when it involves your dreams, and Jones’ dreams of creating a brand so flawlessly acceptable down a road less traveled has proven that dreams do come true, but the experience and journey is priceless. “Deep down I knew no one could actually do what needed to be done in this industry, but me. It (Bella Rene’) kept me up at night until I did it. And that is when I knew it was my destiny,” explains Jones.

Row A Seat 1 presents The Bella of Bella Rene’ Kenyatta Jones chats it up about personal style, stereotypes of plus-sized women in fashion and what’s next for Bella Rene’ … Get ready, the show is about to start!!!

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Kenyatta Jones: As far back as I can remember – Around the age of seven I would watch my parents get dressed for events and I was so into helping them pick out their clothes.

Row A Seat 1: Describe Kenyatta’s personal style.

Kenyatta Jones: It’s hard honestly because I’m a different woman every day. I can wake up and feel like the ‘fat Carrie Bradshaw’ and throw on a tulle skirt and heels or I might be having a rough day and I’ll throw on a pair of Timbs and a Yankee fitted. I love to dress up more than dress down.

Row A Seat 1: Who is Bella Rene’? What does Bella Rene’ bring to the fashion industry?

Kenyatta Jones: Bella Rene’ is that label for plus-size label whores. It’s the opportunity for plus-size women to finally be a part of fashion at several price points. Bella Rene’ brings to the fashion industry a new customer with a sense of luxury and true high fashion for the curvy woman. Bella Rene’ is the first brand to even attempt plus-size high fashion. We are the brand that will eventually bridge the gap between plus and straight sizes.

Row A Seat 1: As a designer of a plus-size brand what stereotypes have you encountered?

Kenyatta Jones: For some odd reason, people always think you’re lazy or stupid. I’ve gotten those type of looks until I’d opened my mouth and they realized I’m educated, prepared and ready to play ball. You have to remain professional or you will feed into the stereotypes.

Row A Seat 1: What sets Bella Rene’ apart from other plus-size brands?

Kenyatta Jones: Vision. I see so many brands that are comfortable with a staple suit or a convertible dress and they just don’t branch out of their comfort zone. We are not afraid to get it wrong and try new ideas. Plus-size women need clothes and we understand that one dress or one suit is just not going to cut it.

Row A Seat 1: When it comes to stylists/designers dressing plus-size women or men, what makes your skirt twist? What style tips would you extend to them?

Kenyatta Jones: I want them to actually fit the people they are dressing and not just take a design for a skinny person and try to make it work. The main tip is to make sure there is tailoring and the fit must be perfect!

Row A Seat 1: What’s next for the Bella Rene brand?

Kenyatta Jones: We have set our sights on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015, we have already started the process to find sponsors and we are very excited! We are looking to expand to major retails. We hope to be in major departments stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks and Macy’s in the coming seasons. We have just finished our first affordable diffusion label called Bella by Bella Rene’, we’re working on a fashion show and handbag line that will be available in Spring 2015. We are keeping busy!

Wanna shop Bella Rene’? Check out the amazing high fashion line here. Be sure to follow Kenyatta Jones and all the latest news and designs on Facebook: Kenyatta C. Jones, Twitter: @KenyattaJones and @bellareneinc and Instagram: @KenyattaJones and @bellareneinc.