YES! It is officially BLACK HISTORY MONTH and Row A Seat 1 is wasting no time with the stylish, yet purposeful brands we’ve trolled on the ‘Gram. And this Chicago brand is definitely #InstaStyleCrush approved!

The Chic Shirt Shop

Check out apparel from The Chic Shirt Shop (I bet you can’t say that fast three times without stumbling) with BLACK GIRL MAGIC tees, sweaters and now tote bags. It’s so cute and I’m loving the font and colorways, clothier and CEO Kelly Hardy selected for this collection. Kelly has her hands full this month because I’m sure it’ll be SOLD OUT a few times before the month is out, but the dope thing about the BLACK GIRL MAGIC merchandise is its timelessness, it’s always. I’m sure I’ll be styling in mine throughout the year, how about my other Style Maven?

Wait… I decided to add more BLACK GIRL MAGIC with a mini interview from Kelly Hardy. Check out the feature below.

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Kelly Hard of The Chic Shirt Shop: I peaked in the 90s! In my heart I was starring in LL Cool J’s ‘Around the way girl’ video but, I was too young to dress that way. So, I was just as fly in my head! That was also the case when TLC came out and I was here for all of their fashion! Music was a huge influence as you can see!

Black Girl Magic Sweatshirt - Black

Row A Seat 1: What does the term: Black Girl Magic mean to you?

Kelly: Black Girl Magic is our universal battle cry! It’s the perfect way to describe all of our mystique. It’s how we persevere with ease, how we raise our families effortlessly, how we educate ourselves, how we break barriers and shatter glass ceilings. We do all these amazing things and don’t receive the credit we deserve, but somehow continue to push through.

Black Girl Magic Sweatshirt - Gray

Row A Seat 1: Name your favorite person who exudes the epitome of Black Girl Magic. Why?

Kelly: My background is in journalism and broadcasting, so one of my first influences was Oprah. I think she lives and breathes ‘Black Girl Magic’ for more of those traditional reasons… She showed us that a mogul can look like me. She’s proven that if you’re good at what you do nothing else matters. And she has longevity that speaks volumes. Oprah has been Oprah for a long time (laughs).

Black Girl Magic Sweatshirt - Wheat

And generally speaking, I have to shout out my entire generation of Black women. We’re doing things that have never been done. We’re creating our own content, writing our own stories and making our own lanes. Entrepreneurship among Black women is up, we are creating our own spaces to flourish. We’re not waiting for permission we’re making our own way. And most importantly we’re celebrating each other.

Row A Seat 1: As a soon-to-be-mommy, what lessons will you teach your daughter about the beauty and importance of loving who she is?

Kelly: I’ve actually been thinking about this since I found out that we were having a girl. And I’m excited! I’ve had some great practice in this area with my stepdaughter. The most important thing I’ve learned is that kids really learn from example. You have to embody those lessons and teachings that you share with your children. So my first order of business will be to be the best example that I can be to my baby girl. Surrounding her with a village of amazing Black women, offering more than just what’s taught in school about our culture. Teaching her that she’s perfect just the way God made her and that He made her in His image.

Black Girl Magic tees

Row A Seat 1: Do you know your supreme moment of destiny? If so, how would you like your legacy to be remembered?

Kelly: I don’t know that I’m there yet. Right now I’m doing the work. I’m walking through life with God ordering my steps. I’m preparing for that moment. I don’t know what it will look like but I know that it will be huge. I’ve always known that deep down. Every day my faith grows stronger and I’m able to communicate better with God. My current goal is that people see God when they look at me. The best is yet to come. But my goal is to empower and uplift Black women the best way God sees fit for me to do so.

Black Girl Magic Tote