Creative BrandonIn life, it has become quite rare to find genuinely young, creative, honest and passionate individuals who aren’t afraid to create their own waves, and ride them alone. Not because it’s an act of rebellion, but because they withhold that much faith in their gifts and journey to leave behind a legacy of greatness. This guy is definitely one of few, but BRANDON LAMAR RIALS pierced me creatively the moment I was introduced to him by Alonzo Jackson of FASHION GEEK… I’ve been a fan ever since!

It speaks volumes when those who’ve shared encounters with ‘B’ on a creative level; whether personal or business-wise all have a unanimous level of positive vibes only when it comes to describing his work ethics, and his knowledge of fabric and design. For example, I remember speaking to Brian Merritt, co-owner of SIR & MADAME, about a denim collaboration the two brands recently (at that time) launched, (pardon as I paraphrase) “If you’re lucky to work with him (laughs) he’s such a creative guy and we love working with him.” And if I had a dollar for every time I heard these words. But, it’s refreshing to hear and I recall B telling me a couple years ago how well he wanted to excel in design and how dope his denim was going to be (while showing me samples of jeans he designed). I saw greatness in him then, and I’m witnessing his words manifest through the various denim collaborations and graphic designs he’s created with selected brands throughout the City of Chicago.

blr-design logoSo, it’s only right that I put my Row A Seat 1 VIPS on to this awesome being. Please pay attention to Brandon’s designs: his keen sense to details, impeccable style, the cut and wash of the denim. Below are some images of his SOLD OUT denim designs from his brand BLRdesign… Check it out. Follow him on social media. Stay tuned for new designs.

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