The evolution of the cotton tee has come a long way since its popularity as a slip-on garment minus the buttons during the Spanish American War. Now, tees have become a fashion staple to everyday wardrobe.

During the past decade, starting a T-Shirt line has been the latest craze since the sneaker boutique trend. Embellished in crystals, leather, suede, gold foil, exotic skins, silks and on several occasions, diamonds – T-Shirts have become tagged as high as more than one-thousand dollars, depending on the designer or popularity of the celebrity photographed in it.

Which brings RowASeat1 to the introduction of Gaudy Gain LLC, an Atlanta-based Lifestyle Brand founded by husband/wife duos: Tavares & Tonda Walls, Dante & Resi Malone, and Shanticleer & Erica Graham. According to the Gaudy Gain LLC Team, the company’s goal is to ‘add an element of joy and luxury to our consumers everyday lives by introducing the latest trends in music, fashion, travel and entertainment.’

The apparel by Gaudy Gain LLC are selected and designed with exclusive fabrics/patterns during their travels from around the world. The tees and sweaters are made from higher qualities of cotton, and adorned with the label’s signature silk/polyester fabrics. These pieces are as gaudy as the name with the self-life of a boutique inventory order. And once it’s gone, it’s gone! Read more of the interview below to find out about the Gaudy Gain Apparel, plans of product increase and where to get your hands on the latest Gaudy Gain exclusives.

RowASeat1: Why the name Gaudy?

Gaudy Gain Apparel: Gaudy is from the Latin word gaudium meaning joy or entertainment, also commonly associated with extravagance or luxury. Then we combined it with Gain, meaning to increase wealth or resources. We chose the word Gaudy because we are passionate about the fashion (our product) we put out and we try to give our customers the best quality when it comes to the Gaudy brand.

RowASeat1: You mentioned ‘best quality,’ what can your customers expect from the Gaudy brand when it comes to the garment quality?

GGA: When it comes to Gaudy we like to incorporate texture, higher qualities of cotton, and our signature fabric with silk/polyester pieces. Many of our fabric choices are handpicked by Erika, co-owner of Gaudy Gain Apparel from various places around the world. We also have a collection, Crème de la Crème that deals with exclusive pieces on a couture/higher end level. Like the Kaleidoscope tee from our Spring/Summer collection, these staple pieces have more of a cut-sew design than our original Gaudy tees.

RowASeat1: Who is the ideal Gaudy Gain Apparel consumer?

GGA: We definitely focus on the needs of our consumers from their wants to the latest trends in fashion, but at Gaudy we cater to both men and women consumers. And right now, women have been our biggest buyers so far. The ideal Gaudy consumer is someone from the ages of 25-35, with a great sense of style and a ‘gaudy’ lifestyle!

RowASeat1: Being based in Atlanta, which is heavily saturated with upcoming and professionals of the fashion industry – how are you getting the word out about Gaudy?

GGA: In ATL everything is word of mouth! Social Media, our blogspot and website is key! We also use other venues of marketing by incorporating the parent company, Gaudy Gain LLC, (our music outlet) which gives us the opportunity to style the artist in our clothing. We are our own billboards; we wear it because we love it! For example, when Diddy introduced Sean John, that’s all you saw him wearing. He made it look good to wear your own product. And if we never sold another piece of clothing – I would still wear it, I don’t feel right if I don’t have it on … its like my cape!

RowASeat1: Any plans for product expansion in the future?

GGA: Next year is going to be crazy! We know how women love to look ‘gaudy’ in the club, so we plan to increase the Gaudy label with dresses, blouses and skirts. There’s been some focusing in the men’s department of Gaudy as well with bowties, blazers and pocket squares. Colors and patterns are our major sellers … diversity is the name of the game!

Interested in getting your hands on one of these exclusive pieces? Shop Gaudy Gain Apparel online or if you’re in ATL stop by House of Adrene and get #SoGaudy in their latest threads. Be sure to follow Gaudy Gain Apparel on InstagramIG: GaudyGain.