Absolutely one of RowASeat1 favorite bloggers thus far, Ty Alexander is the beautiful and talented style maven rocking her signature grey coif behind the beauty and lifestyle blog, Gorgeous in Grey, and contributor to HelloBeautiful.com and TalkingTexture.com.

GIG, an affectionate blog term from Ty’s readers, has been coined as one to watch in a major way in fashion, beauty and lifestyle by EBONY.com, Black Enterprise, Style Expert/TV Host, Stacy London, Redbook Magazine, Style.com and the list continues to grow.

And the award-winning blogger never lets us down with keeping her loyal readers updated from the latest apps to her favorite hair styles and how-to trends for the season to great style interviews by some of the industries popular designers – GIG is totally the ‘cat’s meow’ when it comes to catching up on your daily style/lifestyle blog fix.

But, it was only right to feature Lady Ty on RowASeat1 as our next ‘Blogger of the Week’ to pick her fashion brain and get some great advice for our #RowASeat1VIPs. It was truly a pleasant surprise when Ty responded via email agreeing to do the interview.

Check out the interview below and don’t forget to click the links above to follow Ty’s work and catch up with her on social media … Get ready, the show is about to start!

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Ty Alexander: I use to watch my mother get ready for dates with my dad. I was curious about style and beauty because mother was fly. She’d wear leather skirts and red lipstick with huge voluminous tresses—I knew I wanted to be like her when I grew up.

RowASeat1: Gorgeous in Grey is to fashion as _________ is to ___________.

Ty: Gorgeous in Grey is to fashion as Sugar is to Kool Aid. (Laughs)

RowASeat1: What excites you most about being a blogger?

Ty: Meeting my readers on the street. They’re always so excited. It feels nice to be loved. I am still in awe that people read my blog.

RowASeat1: Tell us about your profession pre-blogging.

Ty: YIKES. I was working at Baltimore City Child Support. I recently went there to visit my old co-workers, to remind myself of the life I never want again—and to say hi, LOL.

RowASeat1: As a lifestyle blogger, what are your views on the lack of Black models and designers in the industry?

Ty: There’s a lack of Black everything. Black designers, black casting directors, black business owners…as a group we are lacking in so many arenas that others are excelling. I think that it won’t change until there are more black people in the position to make decisions that matter for Black models.

RowASeat1: Words of inspiration for future bloggers …

Ty: Be consistent and remain authentic. There is only one you. A brand will not pay you to be someone else. They can just pay someone else.

RowASeat1: How do you maintain it all as a blogger and fashionista with your busy schedule?

Ty: I am still figuring that out. For the most part I put everything in my calendar. But emails are missed sometimes and I’d still rather party than do my newsletter—but the work gets done eventually.

RowASeat1: Name your fave beauty products.

Ty: I have products of the moment. Right now I’m loving NARS sheer glow foundation. Also, I love a great bright lip so I am rocking one of the two – Stila ‘Fiery’ or MAC ‘Herione.’

RowASeat1: What’s your “go-to” shoe and bag right now?

Ty: My Nike Air Max sneakers in camo and my studded bag from Just Fab.

RowASeat1: Luxury item(s) you’ve been spying lately …

Ty: I want a LV tote. I’ll get her soon.

RowASeat1: Favorite interview thus far?

Ty: Elle Varner.

RowASeat1: Describe your personal style.

Ty: It’s definitely a tomboy fighting with the prom queen. My style is all over the place, but in a good way!