My blog’s tagline is: “Living, Loving, Caring, Sharing” because that is who I am and what I do.

“Connecting inner qualities with outward expressions” is one of Tatiana Jones mottos she lives by daily. As she approaches the two-year anniversary of her blog, Totally Tot, Tot Jones shares with Row A Seat 1 her excitement about the journey that started from casually “sharing my bright ideas and cool finds with my family, friends, and even strangers via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook,’ says Jones.

And it’s definitely been an awesome journey for Tot Jones. This is what happens when you’re being patient, believing in what you prayed for, and doing what you love. Take a look at a few of the accomplishments she racked up on since she started her blog…






Tot’s goals can be seen from daily posts about her personal life to the selfless acts of her commitment to mentoring the young girls through fashion, beauty, and self-love. Read more about how TOT TALKS about TOTALLY ‘living purposefully.’

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Tot Jones: Simply put: I enjoy fashion… A LOT! I was raised with a very fashionable mother, so I don’t know life without style and “flavor.” My Mother would always tell me that people will see you before they hear you, so always be presentable.

Row A Seat 1: Who is Tot Jones?

Tot Jones: Tot Jones is Connie’s oldest child and Bobby Joe’s only daughter. I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago and I loved every minute of it. I have grown to be a woman who lives for God; loves Jesus, and cares for others. I am always willing to share my testimony while maintaining my integrity.

Row A Seat 1: Define your meaning of style.

Tot Jones: I believe that real style comes from within.
When a person has the style they can put on a paper bag and WORK THAT BAG! Hahaha! When someone has a true style they can be in a room full of people, all wearing the same outfit and stand-out. STYLE IS WHO YOU ARE. STYLE IS BEING CONFIDENT. STYLE IS LIVING IN YOUR GOD GIVEN PURPOSE. I can easily state the obvious and say that style is being able to put things together well, but that’s SO cliché! I think it’s necessary to look behind the curtain and go deeper and see that style is more than what meets the eye. It’s truly about the inner-man.

I see so many stylists popping up everywhere and I love it! A true stylist is a confidence booster, someone who affirms you, and most importantly a stylist makes you feel good. We all know when you feel good you LOOK GOOD! Although stylists are known for picking out garments, it’s their love for seeing people walk in their purpose that drives them to be able to provide an outstanding service to their clients. Once again, it all starts with the inner-man.

Row A Seat 1: How were you inspired to start blogging?

Tot Jones: I must admit starting a blog was not at the top of my list. I actually enjoyed the idea of sharing my bright ideas and cool finds with my family, friends, and even strangers via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

A pretty cool DJ that I know encouraged me to do more with the randomness that has become Tot! As I prayed about the next phase in my life, I considered maybe writing a book, starting an event planning business, and even doing a calendar (don’t ask) haha! None of these things were setting with my spirit, so I just sat still and prayed about it.

I decided to channel my genuine love for people into a lifestyle of helping others help themselves! This is how was born! is a Christian-based lifestyle and resource blog focused on living and loving life.

On my blog, you’ll find inspiration, fashion and Do-it-Yourself projects all wrapped up in one big Jesus hug! I help people to discover how easy it is to save money with simple couponing tips, explore creative ways of giving back through mentoring or volunteering and learn the value of journaling life’s most precious moments. But most of all, I try to help you realize that YOU can find a resource for pretty much anything you want to do or anything you want to know about, and it’s easy! For me: To Blog is To Share, To Connect, To Create and To Inspire.

Row A Seat 1: I see you’ve been killing the plus blogs with your style. Fairly new to the blogosphere, how does that make you feel?

Tot Jones: Thank you so much for the compliment!! I am truly grateful for every single re-post and feature that I get. I started my blog April 3, 2015, with no expectations other than to be used by God! So to God, I give the glory for this amazing platform and I know that this is only the beginning because I serve a great GOD!

Row A Seat 1: Great job mentoring our young ladies, any plans on incorporating a mentoring program with your brand?

Tot Jones: Thank you! As of right now, I work with a lot of young people and I am SO in love with them all. My entire life is basically a mentoring program. I’ve created a sleepover/mentoring session called Totally Tot’s Teen Takeover for a group of teenage girls and it’s been a huge success. Over the years, I have done things out of just pure love for the kids and God willing I will do more. Actually, my first two guest bloggers were teenagers!

Row A Seat 1: What’s next for

Tot Jones: Well, after being in a commercial for Gwynnie Bee, received the 40 Under 40 Young Women Professionals League award from Demoiselle 2 Femme, featured on and became a recipient for Ciroc’s 2016 “Women of Empowerment,” I really don’t know what’s next!

What I do know is that it’s all about positioning yourself. I focus on positioning myself to be approached by the people that God will send my way. My strategy is that I really don’t have one. I believe in everything being organic and authentic and remaining true to God!

I will continue to put out #SundaysWithTot highlighting outfits that I wear to church.
This journey has been totally cramazing (crazy & amazing) and I am so thankful for where I have been and for where I am going. My main focus is to stay focused on God and everything else will come together as HE would have it. I am what you get when you submit your life to Christ and have crazy faith that HE is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that I can even ask or even think. – Amen

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