Chicago’s Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger Raijean Stroud of Swa-Rai exudes the true meaning of ‘doing what you love doing’- But for Raijean it hasn’t always been about glam events and products galore for the blogging socialite – About three years ago Raijean found herself in search of her next move after being let go from her job in Finance. With no intentions of jumping back into the employee pool, Raijean opened up her own avenue and decided to become her own boss by doing something she was so passionate and familiar with, fashion!

That’s when her baby Swa-Rai was born and she hasn’t looked back since. With a colorful featured list ranging from Essence and to NBC Channel 5 and House of Cosignment ... Raijean is definitely a Chitown Mover & Shaker! With so many opportunities under her belt as well as ahead of her, Raijean has the most pleasant personality, but her hustle is not to be tried.

Row A Seat 1 caught up with Lady Raijean to discuss some hot fashion and beauty tips, her favorite places to shop and favorite celebs with style … Take a seat and get ready to read this style soiree …

RowASeat1: Swa-Rai is …

Raijean Stroud: Well, Swa-Rai is really one of those things of enjoying life, clothes, beauty – it’s my baby! I let people know what’s new, what’s hot! The birth of Swa-Rai began about three years ago after I was laid off from my job in the corporate world. I ventured off into blogging because it was fun and it became my version of retail therapy.

RowASeat1: Now give us the deets on your own personal style.

Raijean: Above all things, being confident is the real beauty and I’ll try anything once! (Laughs) I believe in being bold – I always have on one statement piece no matter what. My style is very much girlie girl; it has to be the right belt, right bag because accessories are a must! I can go to Wal-Mart and flip anything, as long as it fits well! Proper undergarments and the right clothing is key to a great look!

RowASeat1: Beauty Tips for Brown Girls.

Raijean: Three things you need to know about me: lashes, lip gloss, nails done and I am good! Thankfully I have good skin and I don’t have to wear foundation, but bronzer is a must, it adds color and pizzazz to the check bones. Ladies, live a little, try different lipsticks; color looks good on brown skin tone! I wear red lipstick, but if you’re a beginner start small. Go to your favorite makeup counter and be playful. Forget all the rules. Just try it and have some adventure. Never be boring. No one’s going to nail you to the cross because you tried a new shade of lipstick. Let the old routine rules GO!!!

RowASeat1: Favorite Places to Shop.

Raijean: I AM A FOREVER 21 ADDICT! I love ASOS, Simply B., Wal-Mart, Dorothy Perkins and of course thrift store shopping!


RowASeat1: Name your favorite celebs with great style?

Raijean: Right now, I’m crazy about Robin Roberts; she’s so courageous, strong and wonderful. Kelly Rowland – her fashion is great and she’s been stepping out into her own! Of course Beyonce – we share the same birthday! And Sarah Jessica Parker, I’m obsessed. She does no wrong in my eyesight!

RowASeat1: Swa-Rai Moving Forward.

Raijean: As far as the growth with Swa-Rai, we’ve added contributing writers because I want growth in the brand of Swa-Rai. I encourage my readers to follow my journey in fashion and more. Incorporating tips for the ladies like the right lipstick to wear on the first date, or where to eat to kick off your Friday night. I’m adventurous and I want Swa-Rai to be that for the people. I’ve been through so much in life and I inspire people and let them know its tons of girls who want to do fashion week one day, and they can do it because I did it. Honestly, I took nothing and make it something, that’s really Swa-Rai!

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