I absolutely adore Nifesimi also known by her viewers as Skinny Hipster.

My first introduction to the Nigerian-American style blogger and wardrobe stylist was via Youtube during a seasonal lookbook video with her best friend and one of my favorite Youtube Beauties, Peakmill.

Once I found Nifesimi on Instagram she immediately became one of my favorite fashion bloggers, not to mention she has the cutest and most stylish God-daughter! And besides the Skinny Hipster having an effortless sense of style – her tailor-made and shoe game is quite crazy!

I love when Style Mavens make it look so easy even when a risk in their wardrobe is put to the test, it all eventually comes together, this is what I admire most about Nifesimi’s style.

Check out a few images I’ve selected as my favorites from her style blog. Which ones do you like best?

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