Scout in the CityIntroducing RowASeat1’s first children’s lifestyle blog featured as an iBlog candidate, I can’t express to you how excited I am to share this little Style Maven with you guys. If you’re unfamiliar and you have a little style toddler(s) at home, I assure you the entire household will thank me later, just ask her 33-plus thousand Instagram followers how much they love her blog, Scout the City.

She is London Scout, the three-year-old lifestyle blogger from Montreal who is now ‘scouting the city’ of NYC with her ultra-fabulous mommy (who really runs the blog) Sai De Silva. Besides being a typical toddler with scheduled playdates, playing in mommy’s heels, practicing her ballet spins and assisting in the kitchen – Scout is a kid model, signed with Generation Model Management.

According to a recent Happy New Year post by Mommy, ‘STC started a mere 7 months ago and has since been recognized on, Barney’s New York, Poster Child Style and Babiekins Mag to name a few,” states Sai De Silva. “The biggest accomplishment to date is being signed by Nylon Media.” Way to go London Scout and Mommy.

This is probably one of the most adorable experiences I’ve encountered in the blogosphere thus far. You must appreciate the effortless style London Scout possesses, I mean she really owns it! And Lady Sai De Silva, your garment and accessory selections are insane. I assure you I gushed and said ‘Oh my gosh, this little girl is too fly’ more than 50 times. (Laughs)


I truly support absolutely everything about Scout the City – You are one of few Style Maven Mommies who allows your daughter the opportunity to maintain her innocence through wardrobe; Thank You for being an example of an amazing mother and woman of style and grace. I don’t know you personally, but the saying of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ tells it all through Princess London Scout. She is loved tremendously and she enjoys every bit of it.


Keep up the stylish posts and I will be checking often to see the style progress of Scout the City!