img_3873Meet LaShoundra Young… the stylish Southern Belle from Mobile, AL with an appetite for classic pieces and a presence that’s YOUNG AT STYLE. “My style is partly influenced by my grandmother Charlie Bell,” said Young. “We didn’t have a lot, but honey she taught me the fit of my clothing and the fieriness of my attitude would make any outfit a dream!”

During the Summer, Young had the privilege of being a covergirl (alongside five other style mavens) for Redbook’s September issue; Redbook Real Women Style Awards. “…We all had individual fittings with Redbook’s glam team! They had our pictures on style boards with various looks. Each board represented each girl’s style… And I must say they had our style to a T. There were racks of clothing, shoes, & accessories. It was definitely a closet come true! (Quotes from Young’s blog post of her Redbook magazine photo shoot experience).

I bet the thought of that feeling and opportunity still puts Young on Cloud 9. Congratulations again, Young! That said, Row A Seat 1 caught up with the cover girl for little more style chat, check it out.

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

LaShoundra Young of Young At Style: I’ve always loved fashion! I can remember trying on clothes as a little girl and altering them to fit me a certain way! I’ve always known I wanted to look good!

Row A Seat 1: Explain the genesis of your blog, Young At Style.

LaShoundra of Young At Style: Well, I started taking pictures of my Sunday outfits and posting the pics on social media. It was my friends who encouraged me to start a blog and it went from there.


Row A Seat 1: Describe your personal style.

LaShoundra of Young At Style: I would describe my personal style as; easy and effortless with a statement piece.

Row A Seat 1: Name some style mavens that inspire you. Why?

LaShoundra of Young At Style: I only have a few like; Victoria Beckham, Princess Deena-Abdulazi, and Solange. Each has a style that is unique, effortless and colorful.


Row A Seat 1: Since starting your brand, what’s been your favorite moments?

LaShoundra of Young At Style: Making women feel good about themselves.


Row A Seat 1: YASTYLE is…

LaShoundra of Young At Style: Owning your style


Row A Seat 1: Name 3 things you can’t live without.

LaShoundra of Young At Style: I can’t live without my V-neck tees, flared jeans and a gold chain.


Instagram: @youngatstyle
Twitter: @youngatstyle