Kori ColemanMeet Chicago Luxury Lifestyle Blogger KORI COLEMAN, she is definitely #EventGoals and if you follow her you know exactly what I mean. If not, allow Row A Seat 1 to brag about our fellow blogger who stays on the lists of ALL the most high fashion events located on Chicago’s famous Magnificent Mile.

Kori’s insatiable work demeanor to attend exquisite fashion events has landed her some of the most amazing interviews with designers like Christian Siriano, Johnson Hartig of Libertine, Legendary Bob Mackie, Carmen Marc Valvo, Lela Rose and Rebecca Minkoff just to name a few. The Chicago Socialite has no plans on slowing down anytime soon, especially when there are plans of a future invitation from a fabulous event courtesy of The Chicagolite.

Be sure to stay tuned, but while we wait… Check out the 1:1 interview with Row A Seat 1 x Kori Coleman below.

The meaning behind THE CHICAGOLITE: “You probably guessed it, but it’s the merging of the words Chicago + Socialite. In the past year, I inadvertently became a socialite because of all of the events I covered,” states owner/blogger Kori Coleman. “I guess you can say I’m an entry level socialite. I’m nowhere near Olivia Palermo or Genevieve Jones level, and I’m also not incredibly wealthy. I’m just a girl with big aspirations with an appreciation for the finer things in life!”

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Kori Coleman: I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, my mother gave me quite a bit of autonomy when it came to selecting my clothes. This could be either because I was a very stubborn child and wouldn’t wear anything she selected but I chose what I wore starting at age 4. Fashion or presentation has always been a part of my upbringing. Like any black family, she dressed to the nines on Sundays and this was something that was passed down to me. My family believes that the way you dress is a representation of how you were raised so growing up I was always pretty careful about my appearance. As I got older and more rebellious my style started to reflect that.


Row A Seat 1: Kori, explain the journey of The Chicagolite.

Kori Coleman: The Chicagolite began because I wanted an outlet that would allow me to have memorable experiences, while also tapping into all of my interests. I’ve never been able to focus on one interest. I love art, I love fashion and I love food and with The Chicagolite the opportunities are endless for what I can explore.

Everything you see on the site is my way of creating the life I’ve always wanted, even if it’s in small doses. I’m not rich, but at the same time I don’t believe in waiting until you are rich to have quality experiences. I believe in living life to the fullest every day and I’m glad The Chicagolite allows me to have these amazing experiences on a regular basis.

kori-in-coachRow A Seat 1: Describe your personal style.

Kori Coleman: My personal style varies quite drastically. One day you can see me in a pinstripe blazer looking like I’m going to a polo match, another day I’ll rock some 70’s fringe, and sometimes I like to look like a rock star with statement jackets and studded boots. I love that fashion allows you to be a character, so essentially you can be anything you want to be. I think my personality allows me to pull off a variety of looks so I have fun dressing up. I don’t think I have one particular style, but I’m a sucker for oversized tops and sweaters and sequin jackets.

Row A Seat 1: I love your mantra: “A dose of elegance, please.” As I see you engaging in various high fashion events around the city; which invite did you anticipate the most? Why?

Kori Coleman: “A dose of elegance, please” is about making sure you experience the finer things in life even if it’s in small doses. You don’t have to have to sit front row at a fashion show every day, but treat yourself every once in a while.


I’ve had the pleasure of attending many exclusive events. There are a few highlights but the annual designer fashion show with Saks and A Better Chicago is my fave. It is THE fashion event in Chicago. The first year I attended I was front row and I met Jason Wu and the next year I got to meet Peter Copping from Oscar de la Renta. It’s always an honor to attend because I know they don’t have to invite me so I’m always humbled to have the opportunity to go. I’m always close to tears when I go because Chicago has been so open to letting me attend these amazing events.

Row A Seat 1: Which designer(s) have been the most memorable interviews? Who in the fashion industry is your dream interview?

Kori with Fashion Designer Christian Siriano

Kori Coleman: Most memorable, that’s a tricky one because I love all my designer interviews! I think the most iconic one to date was Donna Karan. I tracked down her publicist via Twitter and at first they weren’t going to give the interview to me but I followed-up about 4 times.

They probably black-listed my email by now but that’s my favorite interview to date because it’s such a rare opportunity, especially for a small-time blogger like me. Dream interview is Iris Apfel. I still pray about that happening one of these days.

Row A Seat 1: I’m sure you receive a ton of inquiries from people who are inspired by what you do. Any advise on how they can start up?

Kori Coleman: My advice is to just do it. Don’t be afraid of rejection, if you want something just go ahead and ask for it. A lot of people overthink things or think they know the answer to something before they ask but you never know. I love the saying a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Everything you see on the site is a result of me just asking for what I want and not being afraid to hear now. Keep going till you hear a yes, until you hear yes, your job isn’t done.

Row A Seat 1: What can we expect next from The Chicagolite?

Kori Coleman: Right now I’m working as a creative strategist at a brand experience agency so I’m really hoping to apply what I learn and create unique events and experiences for my audience! I really want to go beyond the blog so that’s the next chapter for me… stay tuned!

Photographer Jennifer Claire

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