I am a body positive blogger, but I simply love to say that I am the woman that is hiding inside everyone that is just waiting for the confidence to come out.

Everything I do is to help women believe that they can really be their best selves if they just allowed themselves to live .

HAYET RIDARow A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

HAYET RIDA: I don’t have the traditional story of falling in love with fashion by playing with all my Barbies. I was always surrounded by fashionistas. My mother had eight closets and introduced us to fashion at a younger age. However, plus sized clothes weren’t always available to me, so I would say I really fell in love with fashion when I moved to America and started to explore stores like Lane Bryant. Now…you can’t get me to stop shopping.

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Row A Seat 1: Describe your personal style?

HR: I always love questions like this, because I don’t have a specific style. My style is to wear anything that I want. Some days I will be in comfy chic, other days I will rock a suit, maybe even a body con, or go all black. Many women try to box themselves into one style, but I just go with how I feel. That’s why it takes me so long to get ready in the morning.

Row A Seat 1: I love the way you embrace your body! I also read how you battled with the constant up/down challenges of being comfortable in your skin. What advise can you share with my readers who may have similar stories?

HF: The first step is to not care about anyone else, or their opinion. That is actually the secret. If you see something and you want to wear it, If you want to go half naked on a beach..you have to remind yourself that you only have one life, and it should be directed by you and you alone. I recently got asked by a twitter reader about my confidence, and I said “My confidence comes from respecting other’s opinions, but valuing mine WAYYYY more.”

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Row A Seat 1: Let’s talk about The MAE Collection…

HR: The Mae collection was curated as a visual journey of confidence. If you look at the different pieces it appeals to the various levels of confidence a woman goes through. From flawy clothes, to bold prints and then all the way down to fitted bodycon looks. I wanted every kind of woman to be able to find something in there that she loved.

Row A Seat 1: Since you’ve started your style blog, what has been your favorite moments?

HR: I wrote two pieces that will always be so memorable. “Growing Up Fat in Ghana”, and “The Plus Side of Dating”. Those were healing pieces. Writing them and hearing how much they helped other people is still a feeling I can never get over. Its why I love what I do.

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