Model Stewella DavilleName: Stewella Daville

Hometown: Bronx, NY resides in Westchester County

Agency: Freelance

Height: 5’8

Bust: 32

Waist: 25

Hips: 35

Dress: 2/4

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Stewella: When I fell in love with fashion I was a young girl. I would watch my mom dress up in her fancy clothes, her heels and topped it off with some accessories!! As I got older my two older sisters modeled in high school and college. I started dressing up more and watching them closely. By the time I got to high school I was in heels, dresses, suits, makeup looking like I was going to work then school. My eyes were glued to the television events covering fashion week I was amazed at all these different colors, textures, designs that were gracing the runway.

RowASeat1: Stewella, how did you decide you wanted to become a model?

Stewella: I decided I wanted to become a model in high school. I’d partake in our school fashion shows, join friends at their school and do shows there. I came across Grace Jones and I just fell in love! I would often get stopped on the street and be asked; excuse me are you a model. I would say no, in response to them saying I should be and if mom was around her response would be yes, yes she should.

Stew1I was at an event about four years ago and Glenroy D’Marsh of House of D’Marsh was holding a casting call. A friend of mine said I should go cast. I looked at him like do you not see those TALL gorgeous girls!

Glenroy looked at me. He critiqued me and said you know what I’m going to give you a chance. I did some runway classes with him, and had my sisters teach me as well.

A few weeks later I walked in his show and I was GREAT! This is it I told myself. Opportunities followed thereafter.

RowASeat1: When I’m modeling I feel like…

Stewella: When I am modeling I feel like a different person! I enjoy the benefits of being able to rock out in a designers garment!

I’ve walked as so many characters: from an African Princess to a Black Widow to a 1950’s pinup girl! It’s the Art that these designers create that allow me to be another person for a few hours (Laughs).

RowASeat1: Tell us how you prepare for a go-see.

Stewella: I prepare for a go-see by making sure my portfolio, business cards, and my attire is correct; black tights/blue jeans & a black/white tank. Stewella Daville - Runway

Gather as much information about the brand/client. Is it a clothing company or a fashion show? Is it high end or commercial? Take a look at their previous campaigns/shows. I arrive as early as possible; some go-sees/castings are open so being prepared for long lines or wait is a must at times.

RowASeat1: Explain the importance of a ‘model bag.’

Stewella: My model bag! Well I have a men’s carry-on tote bag from H&M. That I absolutely love! It has been everywhere from NYC and ATL to Orlando and Paris (Laughs). I carry everything, as any model should. Carry your own so you won’t have to borrow from anyone. Better safe then sorry.

RowASeat1: Name models you admire. Why?

Stewella: Models I admire oh my what a list! There’s so many. My peers are fabulous! From Stephon Samuel to Angelina Gale-Hamber, but what I admire most about my model family: Venus Wonderland, Scott Bernard, Zoey Cross, Rico King, Eli Joseph, Love Tucker, Mateo Manny and Chanise Smith;these eight are the most talented, smart, ambitious, loveable, friendly, trendsetting group of people I have been blessed to know!

They have been a role model, have had my best interest, they’ve introduced me to some amazing people such as my fashion uncles as I call them (laughs) an amazing photographer/mentor Jadee Murphy and model coordinator Jerry Jordan Brown. I would not trade my model family for anything!

Stewella Daville

RowASeat1: What do you love most about modeling?

Stewella: What I love most about modeling is I feel natural doing it! Like it’s nothing when I hit the runway or doing a photo shoot. I enjoy meeting people like models, designers, wardrobe stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists and press. The network is just so much fun! It brings so much opportunity for great adventures. I love the transformations that take place during each show. I make money most times from it.

The compliments from the designers and audience are an extra boost of confidence to know what a great job I’ve done representing the designer’s collection. I get to challenge myself. It’s a fulfilling activity. Plus, you get amazing photos, which leaves cool memories. Then there is the travel. Overall, THIS IS MY PASSION.

Check out Stewella Daville on FB: StewellaTheModel and IG: @iamstewelladaville. For booking inquiries, please send emails for Stewella Daville here: