Fresh Off The Runway: Runway Bella

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?
Runway Bella: It’s always been a part of me. When I was 13, I did my first fashion show and began to study fashion ever since.

RowASeat1: Bella is…
Runway Bella: Universal.


RowASeat1: Describe your personal style.
Runway Bella: It changes depending on how I feel. Somewhere between sexy and edgy, and I love streetwear.

RowASeat1: What is a typical day like as a model and artist?
Runway Bella: Busy! You have to stay on top of everything at all times. Networking is a huge part of it, as well as keeping your eyes open to opportunities. It can be draining, but when you want it you gotta go for it.

RowASeat1: Why modeling?
Runway Bella: Modeling is an art. Some people don’t see it as that. It’s not easy. You have to learn to speak through your poses and eyes etc. It’s something that I have been interested in at a young age. I love the empowering feeling it gives me. I gained my confidence through modeling. I will always do it.


RowASeat1: Let’s talk about your role as a female artist in Chicago, what are some positives and negatives?
Runway Bella: It’s very challenging to gain respect in the business, because guys are always interested in everything but the business and the music. What I love most about music are the shows. I feel like people pay more attention to a female on stage (who looks like me) because they’re wondering, “What is SHE about to say?”

RowASeat1: Tell me about your journey as a music artist.
Runway Bella: I’m just figuring it all out and learning as much as I can. It’s fun. It has its ups and downs like any other journey. I love it though. It’s made me who I am… I’ve learned to understand a lot about myself, and life through doing music.


RowASeat1: Name artists who inspire you.
Runway Bella: Lauryn Hill, Eve, Biggie, Nas, Missy Elliot, TuPac. I really love old school jazz, soul and Rock N’ Roll as well. Jimi Hendrix, Rick James, I love, love, love, Teena Marie. So many to name! I could go all day. Often, I’m inspired by artists and lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Little Dragon and Kendrick Lamar.

RowASeat1: Who are your favorite models and designers?
Runway Bella: Definitely Tyra Banks! When America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) first aired I was all over it. She is a beautiful woman inside and out, someone who I model myself after. She’s a renaissance woman. Designers, I don’t have one! I find clothes anywhere. If it looks good and I can do some cool shit with it I’ll buy it. I don’t care where it came from. (Laughs)


RowASeat1: If you had the opportunity to be signed as a model or an artist, which would you choose and why?
Runway Bella: I would definitely choose the opportunity as an artist, because I can touch way more people through music.

To book Runway Bella for your next photo shoot, fashion show or event, please email her here: Be sure to follow Runway Bella here: Twitter: @RunwayBella and IG: @RunwayBella.

(Photo Credits: Nicholas Hopkins of Nick Hopkins Photography – IG: @nhophotos)

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