Name: Margo Jane

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Agency: Freelance Model

Height: 5’9” 1/2

Weight: 130

Bust: 32

Waist: 25 1/2

Hips: 35 1/2

Size: 2-4

Atlanta native Margo Jane is a freelance model who has been a busy bee around town lately. She landed a television appearance on BET’s The Game (Season 5 Episode 10: Catfight on the Model); print spots in Hip Hop Weekly magazine and countless runway shows, just to name a few of her many accomplishments.

With Supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks as model inspirations, Margo Jane is definitely on the right track to pattern herself with a solid foundation as a model. According to Margo Jane, she’s been strutting down the catwalk since the age of three and she hasn’t stopped since.

Row A Seat 1 chats it up with the 5-foot-9-inch beautiful Georgia peach, Margo Jane about her love for modeling to the importance of preparation for a go-see … Have a seat, the show is starting!

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Margo Jane: I fell in love with fashion in my late teenage years. I was always a tomboy and around the 10th grade I bought my first pair of heels and it’s been on ever since.

Row A Seat 1: Tell us about your background in modeling. What inspired you to start modeling?

Margo Jane: I’ve wanted to model my whole life. I did my first fashion show at 3 years old and when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I answered, ‘a model or a cashier.’ Thank goodness I went with my first choice! (Laughs)

Row A Seat 1: Of all the images you’ve taken, which are your favorite frames?

Margo Jane: Photographer DeWayne Rogers took my favorite photos. I had recently cut off all my hair and I was just starting to grow into my new look. The shoot was so natural and exhilarating, and I think it shows through the photos.

Row A Seat 1: Describe your personal style.

Margo Jane: In a day, my personal style is a mash up that can go from tomboy fab to glamorous! Black is my go-to color with anything but I’m not afraid of color. I’m an emotional dresser, so my wardrobe reflects whatever mood I’m in at the time.

Row A Seat 1: What’s fun and rewarding about being a model?

Margo Jane: The best part about being a model is being able to express myself through body movements, facial expressions and acting. I get a bit of adrenaline rush whenever I’m doing something pertaining to modeling.

Row A Seat 1: Can you give future models some tips on the best way to prepare for a model go-see? How should you dress? Makeup? Hair? Resume? Portfolio?

Margo Jane: Be on time and professional. Think of it like you’re going on a job interview because essentially you are. Always come prepared with your portfolio, resume and your personality. Personality goes a very long way. Wardrobe wise – I normally wear a plain black or white tee and a pair of slim jeans. Little to no makeup, maybe some mascara and lip gloss and clean simple hair.

Row A Seat 1: How has modeling changed your life?

Margo Jane: Modeling has made me a more strong and confident woman. It has taught me how to have tough skin through first hand rejection. It has taught me to see the beauty in things the average person may overlook. Modeling has also given me the opportunity to meet amazing people and have fun doing what I love!

To see more images of Margo Jane and/or booking information, please contact her on IG: Margo_Jane_, Facebook: Margo Thompson and Twitter: @thejanesterr.