imageName: Imani Amos
Age: 27
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Agency: Freelance
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 125 lbs
Bust: 32
Waist: 26
Hips: 40
Dress: 2-4
Pant: 26, 4
Skirt: 2-4
Shoe: 9.5

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Imani Amos: I’m not in love with fashion and I’ve never been, but I really love forms of expression and since fashion is a form of expression, I enjoy using that creative medium.

RowASeat1: Tell me about Imani, the model.

Imani: That’s a tough one. Well let’s see, I enjoy being apart of a team that has a vision. It’s fun playing characters and pushing myself to do things that may feel weird or uncomfortable just so that Art can be made. To be apart of Art and to be Art is always my goal! So even if it’s just me and my camera, which it often is, I, again, enjoy expression and modeling allows me to transform and create whatever it is that I’m going for.

RowASeat1: In three words, sum up your personal style.

Imani: I am relaxed, approachable, and mood-based.


RowASeat1: How did you start modeling?

Imani: When I was in middle school I went to the Barbizon School of Modeling after many people told me I should try getting into the industry. However, after that I didn’t take it seriously until my college days. It’s there where I walked in my first legitimate fashion shows for the fashion design department.

Luckily, I had friends who were starting to get involved in photography and needed subjects so it all kind of happened naturally. imagePeople then started just reaching out to me and I’ve been doing things ever since!

I’m also pretty lucky to be surrounded by artist friends in general so there’s always cameras around or friends needing someone to model their clothes. Those small photos can lead to bigger things, especially if done right and posted on the Internet. The power of the Internet is crazy!

RowASeat1: I love your photo shoot images on Instagram! To those who are trying to get into the modeling industry, explain how you prepare for your shoots.

Imani: First and foremost, thank you, BeBe!
It is so important to ask questions and do your research. Learn what the shoot is for and then research that style of modeling.

For example, if it’s a high fashion shoot be sure to look through some high fashion magazines to get posing ideas but also just to know what industry standards are. Then I’d say practice, practice and more practice. People think modeling is so easy, but it’s not.

The mirror is your best friend so use that puppy to work on facial expressions and great posing. All photographers love different things so be sure to play to their strong suits and make sure to show yours.


Also, give them variety. Don’t only pose certain ways, but take risks. There’s so much more I could say but I’ll stop there, lol. Oh wait, but one more thing, learning your body as well as your strengths and weaknesses is what will propel you through this industry. Be you!

RowASeat1: What’s your take on the importance of a model having a model bag?

Imani: I think it’s very important to always be prepared. I never knew what a model bag was until I was asked to bring one to a fashion show, but I have always carried around a bag with varying things that I always need so it was good to know that I’ve always been on the model bag train lol.

RowASeat1: Name some models you look up to in the industry.

Imani: Honestly, any model of color inspires me – I follow at least 100 on Instagram and they give me daily inspiration.

I’m going through Coco Rocha’s book, ‘Study of Pose’ right now so she’s definitely a seasoned model that I really look up to, especially because she loves to try new poses and I’m ALL about that. I havimagee a friend named Rejena (@rejenaj) who I’ve had the pleasure of modeling with a lot and I just love her so she’s someone I look up to as well. Rejena is a little closer to home since she’s a friend, but the women super inspires me in my life.

RowASeat1: Which designer and fashion week would you love to work for? Why?

Imani: Any designer and any fashion week! Modeling is fun for me. Transforming is fun for me. Give me all of it!

RowASeat1: Besides modeling, what other talents do you possess?

Imani: (Laughs) this is a funny question to me. I’d consider myself a Jill of all trades. If I don’t know how to do it and I’m interested in it, I’ll learn and give it a go.

I’m a graphic designer and professional West African dancer by trade. I am a freelance photographer who loves to cook, sing and make music, do DIY projects on absolutely anything, and I love to create and direct a variety of projects. There’s more, but we’ll leave it there before I start to sound too crazy (Laughs).

RowASeat1: What are 5 things you can’t leave home without?

Imani: I can’t leave home without my cell phone, wallet, computer, my favorite bracelet and my sanity!

RowASeat1: Describe your dream shoot.

Imani: Something with really cool hair in a really cool location where I have to jump and do super crazy stuff. That probably is a stupid answer (Laughs).

RowASeat1: What’s next for you?

Imani: Honestly, I really am interested in model coaching and managing so I might take a stab at that!


If you’re interested in booking Imani, please be sure to contact her via Social Media /Contact Info – IG: @ImaniMoon, Twitter: @_ImaniMoon, Facebook: and Email: Also, check out more of Imani Amos’ work here: