You are now entering the CHANEL DATA CENTER, I repeat, You are now entering the CHANEL DATA CENTER.

Once again the fashion genius Karl Lagerfeld creates an even more ingenious show for Paris Fashion Week. The SS17 CHANEL IT CENTER was nothing short of brilliant with a nice pop of melanin on the runway… I love it!

Now just imagine if you could be reincarnated as a Chanel-‘Bot dressed in the signature tweed suit paired with stylish intergalactic Space boots and a matching helmet… That would be ‘out of this world,’ literally. But back to this innovative CHANEL IT CENTER, raise your hand if you’d like to work there… The CHANEL SS17 collection equals Techno-Chic indeed filled with light-up accessories, technicolor capes, color stories inspired by the cable wiring hence the IT department decor and a 90s tweed twist on baseball caps, varsity jackets and dresses.

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Source: Fashion GPS Paris