Name: Ashley Snow

Age: 22

Hometown: Chicago

Agency: Free Agent

Height: 5’7”

Bust: 30

Waist: 28

Hips: 36

Dress size: 0-4

Breaking barriers is what we all encounter on a daily basis and the same rules apply for the 5’7” blonde bombshell model Ashley Snow.

If you know anything about models and agencies – 5’7” is not acceptable for runway unless you’re Supermodel Kate Moss, but that’s why rules are meant to be broken by making your own rules, right – Exactly!

Fairly new to the scene, rising model Ashley Snow has been making some noise in Chicago’s urban fashion community from her ‘vintage pin-up girl’ head shots to the controversial, yet tasteful nude video (video posted below) she uploaded via Vimeo a while back peaking at more than six-thousand viewers with an underground European following. Not bad for the “short model with no experience” whose been turned down by almost every modeling agency in Chicago and New York. But, as the saying goes: ‘when the world throws you lemons, you make lemonade!’

That said Snow’s story is not your average “model story” with fashion being her passion or reading a ton of Vogue magazines since she was child, not even. It’s more authentic, for example, this single mother turned model dedicates her time on a weekly basis to underprivileged teenage girls at Kenwood Academy.

Also, she’s developing a program (Next Generation Gentlemen) to help single mothers who are raising boys – talk about a model with brains, beauty and a big heart, now that’s awesome!

For the past two years I’ve been seeing Ashley Snow’s face hear and there and it wasn’t until I interviewed a mutual friend that finalized my decision to sit down and have a one-on-one with the beautiful sweetheart they call Snow!

So, take a seat; Row A Seat 1 has the exclusive below …

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with modeling?

Ashley Snow: I didn’t fall in love with modeling until 2010 when I received tickets as a gift for being a new mother to an Akira fashion. I’m looking at the models and all of a sudden I started thinking to myself ‘why am I not up there’ and these feelings just surfaced out of nowhere. I’ve never been into fashion or runway, so I started researching shows and networking with fashion students at Columbia (CCC). For me, I think the effort that’s put into fashion is what caught my eye, and as for modeling I always loved taking pictures my social media pages are full of pictures, at least over a thousand pictures.

Row A Seat 1: Runway or Print Modeling?

Ashley Snow: I use to love runway, but because of my height it permits me from doing major runway shows. Now I love print because I’m able to show my personality, and the hair and makeup is much better, so definitely print!

Row A Seat 1: Name your dream magazine you’d love to cover.

Ashley Snow: It would have to be Vogue UK and for two reasons: One they’ve never put a 5’7” model on the cover, and then in European countries they aren’t afraid of nudity, that’s Art to me. I would love to do a nude cover for Vogue UK!

Row A Seat 1: Besides modeling, what else are you working on?

Ashley Snow: I’m trying to get into acting and I did my first film project last winter for this Indy film, Text Tone by director Sanicole of Overxposed Productions. We had the first screening last week and I had the opportunity to receive some feedback, I’m excited about that project. I’m trying my hand at public relations and my first client is my son, he loves fashion, he’s definitely a natural in front of the camera. So, I’ll probably go to school for that or the business side of fashion, I just want to involve myself in all avenues of fashion. Whether it’s business, runway or coaching aspiring models on runway or posing in front of the camera, and building their portfolios.

Row A Seat 1: As a model, how has the market been for you in Chicago?

Ashley Snow: When I first started I tried to get signed by a few agencies, but I have to say the fashion industry is really tough, and you must have tough skin. I’ve been turned down by every agency here, but that didn’t stop me. They’ve said how much they love my portfolio, but I’m not tall enough. So, it’s been tough because a lot of shows I audition for they don’t pick me because of my height, but as far as print it’s been going well. Now that the vintage look has been popular I’ve been getting booked because people say I have that ‘Marilyn Monroe pin-up girl look’ so a lot of vintage lines have been booking me. For example Knits&Knotts, that’s how I started modeling for Augie he saw some of my ‘vintage girl’ head shots … that’s what I’m usually booked for right now. To get booked it seems as if you must have a very European or African look, which is harsh, but I’m going to keep moving forward.

Row A Seat 1: Through the adversities you’ve faced thus far, what has been your motivation to stay afloat?

Ashley Snow: When I started out modeling my main motivation was my son, I’m a single mother and I need something to do and I knew at that time school wasn’t for me. So I set my mind on creating a job for me, but now since I’ve been turned down so many times I know I’m good. I study my craft and I know what I can bring to a brand (not being cocky), but I know my look is unique and I know I’m pretty dope. Not to mention, I have a following, which I’ve created on my own and I work hard at what I do, definitely not going to stop because I’ve been declined. Just this month alone I’ve booked so many shows, I can’t believe it – I’m thinking God I asked to be busy, but not this busy (laughs)! I’m in a position where I’m turning down jobs now and that to me is making progress, as long as I’m making progress I’m not going to stop. In the end, whether I’m this big time model or not, I’ll have a trail of pictures along with video to remember me by.

Row A Seat 1: Who is your favorite model?

Ashley Snow: K-A-T-E M-O-S-S. Kate Moss is definitely my one favorite model, she inspires me – she’s 5’7” and she’s been killing since she was 16. I can really relate to her she’s laid back off camera, she’s in a lane of her own and she’s Kate Moss … I love her!

Row A Seat 1: Name your favorite designers.

Ashley Snow: Honestly I love my Chicago designers! I have friends who are designers and killing the game like JuJu, Veronica Ariel and Knits&Knotts of course … I love his bowties! There are a lot of Chicago designers who are doing well, but they haven’t received the worldly recognition, they are my favorites! Otherwise, I’ll have to say this one designer who caught my eye, I saw one of her shows recently, Vanessa Bruno and Valentino without question because he totally understands the woman’s body!

Row A Seat 1: Describe your ideal photo shoot.

Ashley Snow: My ideal photo shoot would be a high fashion shoot shot by photographer Peter Lindberg with my son and I jumping from a plane while looking effortlessly fly! This will be the photo shoot at the peak of my career, and honestly I wouldn’t be modeling if it weren’t for my son. He made me think of my future and place my life into perspectives and I try to include him in everything I do, especially my photo shoots because he loves the camera!

If you’d like to book Ashley Snow for an upcoming fashion show, photo shoot or look book, contact her at Also, follow the 5’7” beauty on Twitter or IG: iamashsnow. (Photos by 10Photos)