photographer Dorothy ShiName: Angelina Hamber

Hometown: Long Island NY (I currently reside in Charlotte, NC)

Agency: Freelance

Height: 5’9

Bust: 34B

Waist: 25

Hips: 34

Dress Size: 2

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Angelina Hamber: I fell in love with fashion at the age of 13. Most people don’t know this about me, but I’m an artist as well. So creativity has always been a huge part of who I am. I had so many different ideas in my head about different styles of clothing that I wanted to wear, but didn’t see in the stores. So I decided that I was going to create my own designs. I drew a sketch for every idea that came to my mind. Since I was only 13, I started with kids and junior clothing.

Then, I gradually moved on to women and men’s clothing. I didn’t know how to sew and I still don’t. Nevertheless, people liked my designs and they’d pay me to sketch a design for them; take it to a tailor to get it made. I didn’t realize at the time that I was also selling them my ideas. I won’t be doing that anymore (laughing) but hey, you live and you learn right? Fashion is a huge part of who I am and you can expect to see a clothing line from me later on down the road.

RowASeat1: I Am….

Angelina Hamber: One of the most motivated, driven and determined people you will ever come into contact with. I have been molded into the person I am today because my parents instilled the love of God into me at a very young age. My father would say that he was above the average man and I was above the average child. I do not believe there’s any goal I set for myself that I can’t and will not achieve. If I think it, say it, and have faith that it will come to pass, it WILL and SHALL manifest itself.

RowASeat1: I wanted to become a model because…

designer Kenya Smith Photographer Fred SlyAngelina Hamber: My beautiful mother was a model, which inspired me to become a model as well. When I was a young girl (age of 7), before I discovered my love for fashion. I found a few of my mother’s modeling pictures she’d taken when she was younger.

I couldn’t stop looking at them; I thought she was so beautiful. The very next day I took her pictures to school with me to show them off and let everyone know that my mother was a beautiful model.

To this day she didn’t know that I had taken those pictures out of her room, but she’ll know now! (Laughing) Sorry Mom! And no, I don’t know where they are now.

My mother had taken me on a few casting calls with her for various commercials and shows. She would practice her runway walk and poses in the kitchen and hallway for hours.

It was at that very moment that I knew I wanted to be a beautiful model just like my mother. I too began practicing in the kitchen, hallway, my bedroom, and pretty much everywhere I could to prepare for my big day, which didn’t happen until I was in my twenties. But that didn’t stop me from practicing each and every day. I knew I would be a model, I just didn’t know when.

RowASeat1: Define fashion versus style.

Angelina Hamber: The answer for this question is short and sweet. In my humble opinion, fashion is a part of ones being and style is something someone does, but both are an expression of one’s own individuality.

Explain what makes someone a great model.

Angelina Hamber: What makes someone a great model is their ability to interact with people from all different walks of life in a professional manner, both behind and in front of the scenes. I say this because; this is about more than just modeling. For me it’s a business, which is why I always approach everything I do in this industry with a business mindset.

photographer RaSheed Jamison

I’m not looking to build temporary fame, but a lasting legacy and empire that will transcend for many generations to come. A great model is always networking to further promote them; this is how you’ll continually move up in this industry. Lastly a great model is someone that has full confidence and lends a helping hand when needed. They do not feel like they need to compete with, step on or tear down others just to lift themselves up.

RowASeat1: Favorite place you’ve traveled.

Angelina Hamber: I would have to say Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was so peaceful and relaxing. The skies were so blue, and the water was crystal clear. The food was always fresh, delicious and cooked to my specifications. I practically lived at the Jerk Hut; to the point the chefs knew my name. (Laughing) The fruit was so sweet, refreshing and practically melted in my mouth.

The people were so pleasant and friendly, it didn’t matter what was going on, how rude or impatient someone was being towards them. They would always smile and say “no problem.” Going to Jamaica, changed my outlook about my attitude on life. The people there taught me that no matter how you are being treated by others don’t repay them with the same attitude or gestures. Simply smile and say “no problem, because every ting is gonna be alright, NO WORRIES MON!”

designer Andrew Felton photographer Dorothy ShiRowASeat1: A message for upcoming models: Share five tips that will help them along their journey.

Angelina Hamber: 1. Overcome shyness. If you’re afraid to network and talk to people you won’t get very far in the industry.

2. Always come prepared. You should always have your model bag.

3. As a model you don’t have to look mean all the time, its okay to smile and have a pleasant attitude. Make sure you are seen as professional at all times. That includes what you post on social media. Believe me when I tell you, someone is always watching what you do and how you carry yourself. Even when you think you’re off the clock, sort to speak, you’re not!

4. Be true to yourself don’t ever allow anyone to change or dictate who you are. If you’re uncomfortable with something it’s okay to voice that in a respectable manner.

5. Build relationships and not fame.

RowASeat1: When I’m modeling I feel like…

Angelina Hamber: I feel like I have come so far and accomplish so much in such a short time through the grace of God. I feel tremendously blessed to be able to be living out my hearts desires; doing what I love and hold so dear to my heart .I understand that what I do isn’t about me, it’s about those coming after me. God has opened so many doors, that I could not have walked through without his help. He is blessing me, so that I can be a blessing to others and that’s exactly what I intend to do. So you ask how I feel when I’m modeling in front of the camera. If I had to sum it all up into one word, it would be GRATEFUL!

RowASeat1: Favorite Supermodels, what have they taught you?

Angelina Hamber: Well my #1 favorite supermodel and Fashion Icon is Coco Mitchell, who took me under her wing and mentored me. She gave me many helpful tips to become a more polished model. She taught me that walking with determination, power, grace, and elegance, showcases a greater level of confidence and professionalism in a model on the runway. My other favorite Supermodels are none other than Iman Abdulmajid, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Tyson Beckford, and Beverly Johnson.

designer Terrell Mason photographer Dorothy ShiRowASeat1: As a model, what do you think is your purpose?

Angelina Hamber: My purpose as a model is to make a difference. To change the face of the industry, as we know it by opening the minds of people all over the world regarding the way modeling is viewed.

Many people have a very misconstrued view about the modeling world. They think it’s all about looking pretty, walking down runways, smiling for the camera, taking beautiful pictures, and being in or on the cover of magazines.

As I mentioned previously, if you play your cards right you could build a lucrative business as a result of being properly connected in the fashion industry. Otherwise, you’re just running around doing shows, photo shoots, and posting pictures. Which will ultimately lead to a quick burnout because, you don’t actually have a goal that you’re working towards. As a model, I feel it is important for me to show others that it’s better to work with, and not against my colleagues.

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