Andre Leon King – Model. Style connoisseur. Aspiring actor. NY socialite.

You probably recognize him stylin’ on the catwalks of BET’s Rip the Runway or modeling for Toure Designs during NY Fashion Week.

Could it have been thumbing through the pages of The Source or Bleu magazines? It’s a possibility you’ve seen him and his stylish crew in VIP partying in some of NY’s hautest nightclubs.

Hmm, or maybe it’s because he’s the brother of Grammy award-winning mega producer/Hip Hop artist, Swizz Beatz … either way, Andre Leon King is hear to shake up the scene and make some noise of his own.

Now you know we try our best to bring you quality over quantity when it comes to any feature or interview pertaining to RowASeat1, especially when it comes to #FreshOffTheRunway – So who better than Andre Leon King, right?

Ladies, check out the NYC yummy eye candy we have in store for you and you know RowASeat1 had the lovely opportunity of speaking with Dre’ via mobile as we gabbed about fashion, life, family, his new website ( and a few exciting upcoming projects he’s launching this summer … are you ready? Check out the exclusive interview below!

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Andre Leon King: For me, fashion has always been apart of my life – my mom was a model.

Whether it was watching my mother get dressed or getting groomed early by my brother, as he would show me how to lay out my clothes the night before school. I absolutely love fashion!

RowASeat1: Describe your style.

ALK: Believe it or not, my style is very simple. Clean. I would say chic with a nice shoe. I keep it simple with a Louboutin. (Laughs)

RowASeat1: Why modeling?

ALK: I wanted to do something that I knew I loved and enjoyed. Every since I was in high school I had dreams of becoming a model and I remember telling everyone I wanted to pursue a career in modeling. I started out working for Swizz and it was an amazing experience, however I knew I wanted to take it a step further and fulfill my dreams as a model, that’s when I went out on my own. It’s been exciting so far; I can’t wait to show you what’s forthcoming.

RowASeat1: You’ve become quite the socialite of NYC, how do you manage it all?

ALK: It’s really a lifestyle! Whether I’m on the runway, a red carpet or the club I make it my life. Most importantly I network everywhere I go … I love it!

RowASeat1: Your Instagram (@andrekingbrand) page is full of questions about your style, who are a few of your favorite designers?

ALK: I love shopping high and low, it’s the best, and I would have to say my favorites are Givenchy, H&M, Zara, Balmain and Louboutin. No matter what, it’s nothing like having nice jeans with the right fit, it’s a must have.

RowASeat1: Which would we see in your closet the most: labels, color and article of clothing?

ALK: The labels vary, but I do have tons of sneakers and sweats. As far as color, I wear a lot of black, but I also have a mixture of color. I’m not afraid of color at all.

RowASeat1: Favorite hangouts in NYC …

ALK: I love 1 Oak, Avenue, Starbucks (for relaxation) and I love new places in NYC.

RowASeat1: Favorite places to shop …

ALK: Barneys, Neimans, Zara, H&M and my brother’s closet. (Laughs)

RowASeat1: Favorite purchases …

ALK: Don’t laugh, but I’d have to say my Creed cologne, it’s called ‘Aventus’ … every man needs it!

RowASeat1: Most memorable moment as a model …

ALK: Hands down NY Fashion Week, it’s an amazing experience and everyone is out to dress. I remember doing a photo shoot and walking the runway in the same day, that was a great experience.

RowASeat1: Favorite places you’ve traveled …

ALK: I’ve traveled a lot, but it would have to be Turks & Caicos and Greece. Greece was absolutely insane; they definitely know how to party!