Name: Alaur Faulk

Hometown: Chicago

Agency: Free Agent

Height: 5’7”

Bust: 32

Waist: 26

Hips: 36

“Beauty is not only skin deep, but also what’s within,” explains the definition of beauty for model Alaur Faulk. It takes a confident woman to pull off an amazing face of beauty in spite of society’s belief that a woman’s strength and glory is in her hair … Alaur’s frames makes it look so effortless!

Who needs long tresses when your skin is flawlessly stunning with wide eyes that exude a bright future; and measurements of 32-26-36 that’ll keep your schedule booked like a high-profile Ford model during fashion week?

Overwhelmed by all the recent projects, Alaur said, ” I don’t know how the past two weeks got so hectic for me. I had so much free time the weeks before! Lol.” As rapid-paced as life can become at times, Alaur found time within her busy schedule for a Row A Seat 1 Q&A, and I’m loving everything about this feature, I hope you do as well … Have a seat, the show is starting!

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Alaur Faulk: It’s funny you ask that because I never really “fell in love with fashion.” Personally, I’m not a “fashionable” person, but I like to see art created. I have always loved art, since I was a young child. My father is artistic and he encouraged my siblings to embrace our artistic sides, too. I learned how to draw, paint, and play musical instruments. Not the best at them, lol, but I developed a strong appreciate of art over the years. I’m working on becoming more stylish though.

Row A Seat 1: What inspired you to become a model? How long have you been modeling?

Alaur: I would have to say my mother inspired me, subconsciously. I never realized it until I became more active in the modeling world. She participated in local fashion shows when I was younger and she OWNED the runway. I tried runway as a kid and nearly had a heart attack. Got back into it and loved the rush I got from the catwalk. It wasn’t from the attention, but more of how it made me feel more confident. I’ve been modeling professionally for three years now.

Row A Seat 1: In your words, describe what makes a model beautiful.

Alaur: That is a GREAT question. Some people may not agree with the expression, “Beauty is not only skin deep, but also what’s within.” I am a firm believer in that. I have met some gorgeous, successful models that have poor attitudes. Modeling is competitive, no doubt, but it’s sad to see women look down upon others just to feel important and get ahead. So to me, a model is beautiful if their character and spirit are beautiful.

Row A Seat 1: Tell us what fashion projects you’ve worked on so far.

Alaur: As you know, BeBe, I’ve been super busy this month with some cool projects. I recently worked on a whimsical fashion project with one of Chicago’s most creative female photographers, Luz Letamendi, so be on the lookout for that. I can also be seen as a model online and published in magazines for Chade Fashions wig and accessory collections. Fashion Focus Chicago was a little over a week ago and I participated in FashionBar’s LVW fashion show.

In the past, I’ve modeled for Kera Care’s Natural Textures international hair campaign. That was back when I had hair. I’ve worked with local designers in Chicago and Milwaukee whether it was for a photo shoot, fashion show, or a quick fitting to help them create new pieces. I was also on “You & Me This Morning” a couple of times with stylist, Derek Warburton, during his national #FabAcrossAmerica tour for H&M, Spiegel, Steve Madden, and more. Aside of fashion, I have been working as a crew member on the set of Mind Games, a new television show filming in Chicago that will premiere in January. I can’t say much about it except the characters have some of the dopest wardrobe I’ve seen on a show! So all of you fashionistas will definitely want this on your “To Watch” list.

Row A Seat 1: Describe your personal style.

Alaur: I’m still searching for my personal style. Haha! When I leave out the house it’s like night and day of how people see me on the runway or in a photo shoot. My clothes are usually plain. Then you look down and see the SHOES!! I’m all for some high top sneakers and stacked heals. I believe I have an old soul, so I’m a sucker for vintage clothes. I always want to be comfortable, even if that means a pair of oversized sweatpants and a hoodie… But I make it look GOOD! 😉

Row A Seat 1: Name your favorite models. Explain what “IT Factor” they possess.

Alaur: I’m so into Milla Jovovich right now. She does everything from acting to modeling to singing. I’ve admired her from the very first Resident Evil. As a model, she has the same “kick ass” presence in a photo that she has on the big screen, all while being subtle. Her look is so unique and intriguing.

Row A Seat 1: What do you love/loathe about the modeling industry?

Alaur: I LOVE doing projects and transforming into a different person. I also enjoy meeting new people that are enthusiastic about art in motion. It is very rewarding to present a piece to the world that people can admire and enjoy, even if there was a bit of madness to create it.

I loathe the fact that there are so many self-centered people in the modeling industry. EWWW! Haha, but seriously, there are many project producers that want a strong team of models, designers, MUAs, hairstylist, and crew, yet they do not give back in return of their services. No recognition, compensation, or anything. “Exposure” means nothing any more. We are artist with needs and expenses. When I began modeling, I would at least receive electronic copies of high-res photos. Now, it seems like the photos for trade are expected to be “copied and pasted” from social network pages. I’m all for supporting others, but I’ve seen many wonderful artist taken advantage of. Let’s do better Chicago!

Row A Seat 1: Besides modeling, what are some of your other talents?

Alaur: Some of my other talents are pretending to be a comedian (I’m all for making people laugh), a little acting, music, and sports. I am a well-rounded athlete, which is what inspired me to get a Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training. I love being a health care professional.

For more information or bookings for Alaur Faulk , check out her portfolio here and LIKE her fan page on FB: Alaur Faulk.