I met Sam Barrett-Rogers almost 10 years ago backstage during a fashion show for Chicago’s premiere teen publication, True Star Magazine and I thought her pieces were unique, colorful and very fun for the models. I was taken aback when she shared with me that she just started her business and how excited she was about the show.

Fast forward to 2014, Sam Barrett-Rogers’ company, SoundChick Accessories has been quite the little buzz throughout Chicago’s jewelry community. Racking up features on Chicago Magazine (online), WCIU-Channel 26, and Fashion Focus Chicago with her haute best-sellers like: Chick Feather earrings, Classic Feather bowties and the vibrant colored feather cuffs.

SoundChick Accessories definitely knows how to ruffle feathers in a stylish way, but not just in Chicago, Sam Barrett-Rogers plans on taking her feathered fashion accessories globally. And with her niche of success in the Windy City I’m sure SoundChick Assessories will soar.

Row A Seat 1 catches up with Mrs. Barrett-Rogers to find out what’s been going on with SoundChick Accessories and to get some tips for my aspiring jewelry designers on how she started her business … Get ready, the show is about to start!

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Samantha Barrett-Rogers: I fell in love with fashion at the age of 3. I remember shopping with my grandfather at Marshall Field’s on State Street in Chicago. He was a regular there and knew just about every sales person. He was very educated about fashion and quality, and he loved to style my grandmother by keeping her dressed to the nines.

Row A Seat 1: Tell me about SoundChick Accessories.

SBR: SoundChick Accessories is a distinctive accessories brand that produces the finest quality, visually artistic and culturally-inspired couture accessories and designs. SoundChick Accessories include the popular Chick Feather Earrings; made of dyed and natural peacock, rooster, turkey and other exotic feathers. The natural brilliant beauty and unique pattern in each feather has introduced unconventionally and culturally-inspired use of color to the artistic and high fashion jewelry pieces. SoundChick Accessories are the perfect accessory to your entire wardrobe from casual to formal wear; yet they add an earthy accent to your fashion sense. The uniqueness of each feather undeniably makes each piece of jewelry timeless and one of a kind.

Row A Seat 1: Who is Samantha Barrett-Rogers, the designer?

SBR: I am an artist at heart, laid back, quiet, passionate. I love culture, travel, I am becoming health conscious and seriously into naturopathy. I’m a mother and a wife, daughter, sister, niece aunt and friend to amazing people and blessed to be loved by them.

Row A Seat 1: You have a great background in Media, any future collaboration with your love for communications and fashion?

SBR: I have so many ideas of things I would love to do with fashion and communications. I would love to produce live fashion events and segments for television. When I say produce I mean from the technical side down to the artistic details.

Row A Seat 1: Name a few of your top-sellers. Where have they been featured?

SBR: My top sellers are currently SoundChick Accessories Classic Feather Bow-Ties and Feather Cuffs. They have been featured at The One of A Kind Sale & Show Chicago’s Etsy Artist Pavilion, also on www.RackedChicago.com, Chicago Magazine Online Shopping, ChicagoShopping.com and WCIU’s and You & Me This Morning ‘Made In Chicago’ Segment.

Row A Seat 1: Tell me about one of your memorable moments with SoundChick Accessories. 

SBR: I have had so many memorable and amazing moments on this journey. One that sticks out is when people approach me to say how inspired they are by my work and business to pursue their own passions. It’s actually motivation for me to know that I have touched so many lives by simply doing what I love.

Row A Seat 1: What’s next for SoundChick Accessories? 

SBR: Next for SoundChick includes developing my couture feather clothing line, which it’s funny because clothing design was something that I said I would never. But, I’ve designed and featured my very first fabulous feather dress for Thyck Troupe Chicago’s Curve Couture fashion show, Chicago’s first curvy fashion show for Fashion Focus Chicago. I also plan to expand SoundChick globally as I have been gaining momentum and product demand in Europe and Canada.

Row A Seat 1: Can you share some tips on how you got started as a jewelry designer? What are some keys items for a start-up kit?

SBR: I lived in New York City when I started designing jewelry, I went to the Garment and Bead district an started sourcing materials and tools. I also have friends who are jewelry designers I’d connect for tips and advice. Key items for a start-up kit includes: A basic 5-piece pliers kit by Westrim Crafts you can find at your local craft store such as Michaels or Jo Ann Fabrics. You will also need beads; stones, wire and you can really start there. It’s also smart to invest in jewelry design books, magazines and sketchpads to start planning your designs. Eventually you can build and explore physical and online sources for your materials.

Shop SoundChick Accessories here and check out Sam Barrett-Rogers’ blog as she keeps you updated on the latest happenings in Chicago, upcoming fashion events and new additions to SoundChick Accessories. Don’t forget to follow her on IG: @soundchick or @allfeathereverything; Facebook.com/SoundChickAccessories; Twitter: @ChickFeather; Pinterest: FeatherChick and for product inquiries email here: soundchickmedia@gmail.com.