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Recently, RowASeat1 had the most amazing opportunity to interview one of the fashion industry’s faves, Mr. Elie Tahari as he stopped by Chicago to showcase his fabulous SS15 collection at Neiman Marcus on the Magnificent Mile.

imageElie Tahari’s demeanor was beyond inviting and pleasant -as he entered the Green Room he greeted me as if we’ve met before, which made the mood that much sweeter. All I could think to myself was, ‘this man is a true gentleman with class.’

Immediately he compliments my wardrobe, then he informs me that he’s ready for the interview whenever I was ready, ‘just relax, take your time,’ he says. I smiled and proceeded to start the interview…

RowASeat1: Elie Tahari, when did you fall in love with fashion?

Elie Tahari: As soon as I graduated from a boy to a man I started noticing clothes and fashion. I knew as soon as I reached manhood. (Laughs)

RowASeat1: I understand designers travel quite a bit either to gain inspiration for the next collection or for pleasure. Name your favorite place(s) to travel.
Elie Tahari: Well for inspiration for my collections I love traveling to Europe: London, Paris and Italy. But the truth is the most inspirational city is New York, I live in New York and that’s where it all starts, I love New York!

RowASeat1: From working as an electrician in New York’s Garment District to gaining much success and respect in the fashion industry, did you ever dream this opportunity?
imageElie Tahari: No, no it’s totally beyond my dreams. I went through a lot of difficulties and a lot of challenges and all of this made me stronger and better.

The challenges are the blessings in life. No challenges come to a man that he can’t handle… Or to a woman as well!

RowASeat1: Now give me all the deets on your inspiration for the amazing SS15
Elie Tahari: Well Spring was chic and sun-bleached and I like to describe it as ‘Chic Shipwreck’ mixed with hi-tech, mesh and leather materials. We incorporated fringe, hi-tech finishes and we introduced some Sportswear pieces as well.

RowASeat1: What makes Elie Tahari happy?
Elie Tahari: A good relationship with a beautiful woman! (Laughs – Then Mr. Elie Tahari asks me for a hug… Epic)

Take a look at some of my favorite pieces from Elie Tahari’s SS15 RTW Collection below (Image Credit:

Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari

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