Picture this … Sir & Madame + TheBKCircus + PFFlyers Pop-Up Shop + Heineken + Chicago + Hyde Park equates the beginning of an awesome weekend!

So, I arrived at 7:14 pm (Friday, March 28th) to Sir & Madame’s Hyde Park location at 1504 E. 53rd Street greeted by the ever-so-dapper and luxury bow tie designer, Eric of The Art of EMJ as the ill tunes of DJ Jay Illa serenaded the crowd.

Immediately, I spotted the Madame of Sir & Madame, Autumn Merritt multi-tasking in style behind the cash wrap, showing love to the guests and maintaining her ‘wild things’ as she so affectionately refers to their children, Milo and Ari. While across the room was the Sir of SMC, Brian Merritt styling in Sir & Madame (as per usual) chatting it up with fellow fly dudes and loved ones making sure everyone receives that exceptional SMC hospitality.

Peppered through the crowd was the GOH (Guest of honor), Ouigi Theodore aka ‘The Bearded Man’ of The Brooklyn Circus networking and taking snapshots with BKC supporters. What a cool and humble dude and thanks for the selfie, Ouigi!

Speaking of the GOH, Ouigi has collaborated with the classic sneaker brand, PF Flyers presents Authentic American Style by Ouigi Theodore who collaborated with PF Flyers on a vintage-inspired sneaker while offering customers a DIY option created by Mr. BKC. Not to mention, the PF Flyers + Sir & Madame display tables were dope giving the décor that All-American flavor with a BKNY and Chicago twist. Sweet.

As the evening progressed so did the style, droves of style mavens and mavericks filled the room. From bloggers to designers and photographers to style plates, RowASeat1 was definitely in attendance to capture all this Chitown flyness.

There was Donte of The Fashion Firm, Maya-Camille Broussard of The MCB Project, Drew of Enstru-mental, Tyjuan aka RegularOlTy, Sheila Rashid, Steven Powell of Ralph Lauren, Peter G. of Reformed School, Prince Agyemang Photography, Style Soulmates: Daja W. (@DajaRaeStyles) and Kevin J. (@badbutnotevil); all photography provided by @trashhand; all video provided by @square56pro and the style list goes on and on.

This event is just what Chicago’s fashion community needed and what better store to pop up in, but Sir & Madame? Thank you to good people at PF Flyers, The Brooklyn Circus NYC, The Bearded Man and Heineken for stopping by The Windy City and we hope to see you soon!

Be sure to check out all the images online via Instagram on the following pages: @sirandmadame @thebkcircus and @pf_flyers.

Team Work: SMC + The BKC + PF Flyers
PF Flyer + Sir & Madame Display Table
BeBe Jones and The Bearded Man
Snapped Iicky enjoying the music by DJ Jay Illa
Fly guy RegularOlTy
Another fly fashionable couple shopping
The Madame: Autumn of SMC always Classic
The Sir of SMC: Brian always working
Capturing photographers working
Mr. Prince capturing moments
SMC Supporters
SMC supporters
The Mister behind The Art of EMJ
Designer Sheila Rashid
Fly girls: Taylor and Choosey_d
DJ Jay Illa
RowASeat1’s BeBe Jones and Style Maven Daja W.
Designer Maya-Camille of The MCB Project and Style Maven Daja W.
Prince Agyemang Photography
Dante of The Fashion Firm and Brian of Sir & Madame
Autumn of Sir & Madame and BeBe Jones
Candice and BeBe Jones