imageWhile in Los Angeles I had the most memorable and exclusive treat of viewing one of the best fashion exhibitions since I’ve seen since 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair: Inspiring Beauty ended in Chicago last year.

Kudos, Nicholas Ghesquiere – The Louis Vuitton Series 2 – Past, Present & Future Exhibition was genius!!! From the location, set-up, visuals, imagery, projections, 3-D mannequins, video footage, backstage preparation and Louis Vuitton keepsakes – Brilliant!!!

The exhibition reminded me of the way a Louis Vuitton gallery or museum would be designed, but as I finished each phase it felt like the inside of a labyrinth, I was highly impressed.

Readers walk with me for a second – As I walked into this warehouse-style building with black interior and red lettering as the introduction to each phase it began with a warm greeting by this model-like beauty once you’ve entered.

Phase 1: Abstract Title – An oversized LV logo in bright red lights quickly became the backdrop to every viewer who loves selfies and Social Media. Later on I found out it was the original ‘Founder’s Seal,’ of  the founder, Louis Vuitton aka the ‘trunk maker.’image

Phase 2: Talking Faces – A mirrored room designed with projections of models of all colors talking about various things in robotic voices. The idea was great and it put me in the mind of the voices creative people deal with on a daily basis.

Phase 3: Magic Trunk – This part of the exhibition captured and forced the viewers to pay attention, at least that’s what I did. The ‘Magic Trunk’ was designed with products, LV history and great tunes by Kelis and Beyonce. (Press Play to view Full Video)

Phase 4: Savoir-Fair Room – A room with three projection screens showcasing exclusive footage of the LV Fashion House from the detailed sewing skills of Louis Vuitton garments; the skillful and tedious craftsmanship which goes in to designing a LV bag; and footage of the beginning stages and process of the garments including drawings, fabric and cutting.


Phase 5: Accesories Gallery – I absolutely loved this room which was completely white with mannequins in 3-D featuring iconic accessories from past LV collections including a vintage shoe trunk, satchels and a monogram journal from 1927.



Phase 6: Infinite Show Room – The 360-degree projection room featuring the 48 looks from the Director of Womenswear, Nicholas Ghesquiere most recent collection. The mirrored room definitely put you in the mind of a fashion fun house with giant-size models fresh off the runway.

Phase 7: Backstage – This room was absolutely amazing!!! If you’ve never been backstage during NYFW or backstage of a fashion show, period, this was the perfect example of a backstage layout. A very nice touch to close out the exhibition.


Just when you thought the exhibition was over everyone gathered in the Poster Room to receive posters and stickers courtesy of Louis Vuitton with many options to take more selfies for Social Media.


Overall, I had an awesome experience at the LV Series 2 in Los Angeles and I would love for it to come to Chicago, but I hear the next stop is Berlin. Either way, Berlin get ready for one hell of an experience.