imageDebuted on July 1st at Happy Shop Berlin – The ‘Icebag Series’ designed by Chicago accessories designer and fashion maven, Ashley Scott will launch the entire collection during Berlin Fashion Week at Happy Shop Berlin from 4-10pm.

According to, during Ashley’s previous ‘Seven Deadly Sins: Drapes of Sloth FW15’ series pieces of the ‘Icebag Series’ were softly featured throughout the collection.

The ‘DRAPES Icebag Series’ is a unique collection of handbags in “colored Plexi glass hand-molded and melted with round or angled arch handles.” I am absolutely in love with the evolution of Drapes by Ashley Scott and the idea of her wearable Art… BRAVO!

I can’t wait to see and hear how well received the ‘DRAPES Icebag Series’ will warm the hearts of Berlin. Chicago is definitely awaiting your return for our chance to view all the amazing collections you’ve created thus far! But until then RowASeat1 has you covered with some of the haute pieces from the DRAPES Icebag Series by Ashley Scott, which ones would you rock?


Be sure to follow Ashley’s international fashion journey and news on the latest creations of Drapes by Ashley Scott via IG: @ashleydrapes; and Twitter: @ashleydrapes. Shop all looks here.