4.4.14 marked the unveiling of ‘Drapes of WRATH’ the latest brilliant collection by Chicago jewelry designer Ashley Scott and this time around it was designed especially for the style mavericks, that’s right, for the fellas.

Camouflaged away in an artsy loft in the Lakeview community, MATEO hosted an evening adorned with decor draped in Drapes of WRATH, an ambiance of lovers of Art + Fashion combined, a consistent flow of champagne glasses, and talks of TGIF as the crowd awaited ‘The Factory Girl’ herself, Ashley who was adorably styled in a couture gown befitting to the live presentation/video unveiling at hand.

The collection described by Ashley was ‘a dedication to the stylish men in her life who would always ask when was I going to design something for them to wear’ and here it is, Drapes of WRATH worn by eight of Chicago’s most eclectic and diverse bunch who Ashley refers to as ‘The WRATH Pack.’ The WRATH Pack are just as versatile as the collection with a few Hip Hop artists, a curator, a producer, a political hopeful, an engineer, a hairstylist, a photographer and a stylist.

Drapes of WRATH is a full jewelry collection with pins, brooches, neck ties, necklaces, bracelets, a cape and my ultimate favorite, crowns. Now ladies, here’s the twist, although these pieces were designed with a masculine undertone, but I find them to be extremely androgynous for that daring woman who exudes impeccable style with a great palette and appreciation for timeless jewelry.

That said, the evening deserved an encore on the live presentation and many kudos to every article of creativity placed into this project, I truly enjoyed myself. And for those of you who were unable to attend the event, RowASeat1 would like to share a little treat with you. Complements from Ashley Scott are look book images (here) and the live video presentation, (here) featuring The WRATH Pack, enjoy!

Elee Ecks, Recording performing/visual artist, Art community organizer
Mister Wallace, Stylist of the WRATH photo shoot
Nicholaus Kane, Ivy League Emcee/Purveyor of the Prestige
Foto by Mateo, Fotographer of WRATH
Westley Parker, Rapper/Co-founder and Chief Engineer of Kimball House Productions
Derek Bagley, Political hopeful/Patron of the Arts
Khalfani, Recording Artist/Producer
Christopher Dorian, Hairstylist/Producer