Fascinated and inspired are two words that came to mind while reading the bio of Atlanta designer, Nick Cross of Egotistic Egotism. I was simply blown away by her previous accomplishments, which confirmed why she was so well rounded and grounded as a fashion designer.

According to Nick Cross, her earlier days as a designer on the campus of Florida A&M University jumpstarted an insatiable appetite to pursue her dreams further, and she did! After a year at FAMU, Nick landed in NYC and enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. Upon completing three semesters at FIT she became an intern at WWD Accessories and W magazine. Can we say, Wow!

With a bio so impressive, I had to reach out to Ms. Egotistic Egotism and I must say she’s a joy of conversation and as vivacious as her creations. I truly enjoyed this talented individual and I know My Row A Seat 1 Family will as well. So sit back and enjoy the show … the Row A Seat 1 x Nick Cross of Egotistic Egotism exclusive starts now!

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Nick Cross: I fell in love with fashion when I was very young, around six-years-old. I had a super, fly aunt who owned several boutiques. I ran around with her from elementary school until I graduated high school. We would go to trade shows and travel to buy for the boutique. I was reading Vogue and Elle magazines in the 3rd grade. I was definitely that young child taking my school clothes very seriously.

Row A Seat 1: Describe your first encounter as a designer.

Nick Cross: It was senior year in high school and I didn’t have anything to wear to prom. Everyone was going to the mall and at the time I hadn’t tapped into boutique shopping. I decided to make a unique pair of jeans. I painted some denim and added beads and feathers. They were a hit! My first attempt at making something was a success!

Row A Seat 1: Take us on your journey from Florida A&M to NYC. What inspired that leap of faith?

Nick Cross: It was passion! I was making clothes at FAMU out of my dorm room. People from off campus became my regular customers and that’s when I knew I had to take this talent to NYC. I had to perfect my craft.

Row A Seat 1: Besides designing and styling, what other talents do you possess?

Nick Cross: I’m a great cook. I’m a pretty good writer. I’m confident I can be an editor of my own magazine. At one point, my blog reached over one hundred thousand viewers in the first year while supported by MTV. I’m also a psychiatrist to my friends and family. (Laughs)

Row A Seat 1: So what’s next for Nick Cross & Egotistic Egotism?

Nick Cross: My plans are to move to Miami to create new energy for the brand. I will be opening a boutique called Ego Loft. No exact date, but that’s the primary reason for moving to Miami and by bringing a new element to South Beach. I’m also looking forward to spice up my personal life. I’ve been so focused on the brand that hopefully I can relax a little and get sexy on the beach!

For the latest looks and upcoming information on Egotistic Egotism, shop here or check out Nick Cross’ day to day on IG: EgotisticChic.