Photographer Shaun Andru
Photographer Shaun Andru

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Shaun Andru: I fell in love with fashion by browsing magazines and starting to photograph it (fashion). I’m the type of person that never really looked at magazines for articles. I used them as inspiration to want to be great at shooting fashion. Seeing stylists style and being able to capture it really made me appreciate fashion.

Row A Seat 1: Why the field of photography?

Shaun Andru: Tbh, this is the only thing I’m actually really good at. No, seriously… I love photographing people and being creative. Photography lets you construct your ideas and lets the world know who you are as an artist.

Row A Seat 1: What makes an image amazing?

Shaun Andru: Talent and creativity. No matter how much you know or don’t know as long as you have a vision and the proper talent to create the Art… You have the power to be amazing.

Model @_eli__b
Model @_eli__b

Row A Seat 1: Have you ever thought of leaving Chicago to shoot abroad? If so, where would you go?

Shaun Andru: I would love to shoot on exotic islands. I’d love to do some really amazing Maxim-type beach realness.

Model @meandmybugatti
Model @meandmybugatti

Row A Seat 1: Studio vs. Outdoor shoots…

Shaun Andru: Studio. Mainly because I hate being outside. I like to control my temperatures because I love the look of in-studio work. Studio gives you a clean look and control and it’s cool putting a concept together in a controlled environment.

Row A Seat 1: Excluding Social Media, share with us the moment you saw your work in ELLE Magazine.

Shaun Andru: Period. Like it was surreal seeing my work on that scale. I literally ugly cried. And I don’t cry.

Celebrity Artist: @official__tink Makeup: @jerliciadotcom Hair: @_nikkinicolee Styled: @dutchtheomen
Celebrity Artist: @official__tink
Makeup: @jerliciadotcom
Hair: @_nikkinicolee
Styled: @dutchtheomen

Row A Seat 1: Explain your ideal photo shoot: model, stylist, location, MUA, hairstylist…

Shaun Andru: Ideally, it’d be something sickening. Like over the top and sickening. Really, my shoots are planned the day of so I don’t have a specific “ideal theme” my team just comes through. So working with my favorites like Austin and Kimora and a creative and a dope model gives me the outlet to create amazing images… it’s all about having the right team!

Model @_kananiandaluz
Model @_kananiandaluz

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