What started out as a passionate hobby evolved into a life changing profession for Nikki B, photography was more than just a trend on the rise. “I wanted to be a ‘jack of all trades’ to generate income … I started to like it,” she explains.

And she did more than like being behind the lens; the former junior trader (more than eight years) took a leap of faith and followed her heart. Capturing images from Chicago and Thailand to Atlanta and Canada, the persistent owner of GreyMatter Photography is always on to the next project.

Premiered in August 2012 (Chicago), Nikki B’s latest project which she describes as ‘a movement of change,’ Words Scar, received rave reviews along with a 2nd place win during the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival last October. Words Scar is a photography exhibition that’ll soon be a mobile exhibition/workshop, empowering lovers of Art from all walks of life.

From an employee to an employer, Nikki B understands that her plight in life is more than fulfilling her dreams, but capturing the memories of other through her lens are priceless. “When I look through the lens I see a story, beauty, love hurt and unspoken truths,” says Nikki B.

RowASeat1 caught up with Nikki B in between her busy jet setting schedule to get to know the talent behind the lens. Let’s see what she had to say about her favorite things…

RowASeat1: Nikki B is…

Nikki B: A Renaissance woman, Devoted to using my gift of photography to provoke change through the world by change of heart, mind and perspective. I am a lover of Arts; I understand that Art reveals unspoken or ignored truths. I am concerned aboutChicago’s youth. I am the founder of Words Scar. -The Movement.

RowASeat1: Photography For Me Is…

Nikki B: A gift from God that allows my eye to not only capture, but bring life to people, places, things and issues in the world without words. It’s therapy for the soul.

RowASeat1: Why Photography as a Profession?

Nikki B: I’m at my best when I am creating. There is an adrenaline rush when I am behind the capture and at that point I am FREE.

RowASeat1: Favorite Camera…

Nikki B: I don’t have a favorite. I shoot Nikon and would love to own a D700 or D600 real soon. The D3 is a dream comes true, too.


RowASeat1: Color, Black and White or Sepia. Pick One. Why?

Nikki B: Black and White. It’s the closest thing to RAW emotion. Black and white has a way of changing the feel of a photo.

RowASeat1: When I Look Through The Lens I See…

Nikki B: A story, beauty, love, hurt and unspoken truths.

RowASeat1: I’m inspired by…

Nikki B: Life. Everyday I breathe is another day God has given me to capture someone, somewhere for some reason. The power to create inspires me.

RowASeat1: Fantasy Location Shoot. Why?

Nikki B:Fiji, for the beauty, the people, the culture.

RowASeat1: Photographers I admire.

Nikki B:GordonParks, Johnnie Nunez, Melissa Diep, JR the Artist and my mentor, Zeph

RowASeat1: Which direction are you heading with GreyMatter?

Nikki B: My direction is to increase corporate clients and wedding clients. As well as create more partnerships with photographers who are looking to shoot and push the creative envelope.

RowASeat1: What is Words Scar?

Nikki B: Words Scar is a ‘Movement of Change.’ It’s a Photography Exhibition that reveals the power of words on young people. Since the Exhibition in August 2012, Words Scar is now a Workshop and soon to be Mobile Exhibition for people of all ages to view and participate in. The aim is to EMPOWER people to change the words they use on one another and on themselves within their own lives.

RowASeat1: Name 3 important figures you’d love to shoot.

Nikki B: President Barack Obama, Oprah and the Dali Lama

RowASeat1: Advice to fellow photographers on the rise.

Nikki B: Find your passion in photography and live it.

RowASeat1: Luxury items I indulge in…

Nikki B: TRAVELING is my PLEASURE! I’m also a timepiece and a recent eye glass collector. Otherwise I live a simple life.

RowASeat1: I never leave home without…

Nikki B: God, my watch and some form of a camera.

Check out more of the GreyMatter Photography Maven’s work through social media and her website here: www.greymatterphoto.com or follow Nikki B on IG: EyeAmNikkiB