Fashion + Food is always a great idea and this time around McDonald’s newest “Fresh Out of the Box” TV commercial pays homage to the luxury shopper and their love of ‘exclusivity’ within the sneaker head cult combined with its “limited edition” Sirloin Third Pound burgers.

McDonald’s collaboration with PRSVR, Chicago’s luxury leather fashion house was a genius merge when ‘looking for the next new, that one of a kind new,’ just as the commercial so eloquently rehearsed it. The commercial features their ‘must-have’ Red Ostrich Leather sneaker from PRSVR, the newest kids on the 900 North block of Michigan Avenue on Chicago’s infamous Magnificent Mile. Kudos to the power couple of PRSVR, Brandon & Margaret Williamson for always thinking ‘Fresh Out of the Box’ when it comes to making those exclusive moves in the name of fashion.

From the script writing of the commercial to the overall concept of honoring the African American small business owner’s and their influence in Food + Fashion… I’m loving it!

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