imageWith his keen eye for style, and love for thrifting mixed with a dab of experience in modeling – Courtney A.C. Wright’s decision to try his hand at photography was an eye-opener to a hidden talent that came across so natural.

The Brooklyn native then took his talents to the streets of New York and Chicago. Capturing raw portraits and candid shots that developed quite a dope buzz amongst his peers.

As the saying goes, ‘you never know who’s watching you’ and eventually the bookings picked up and Courtney began to enhance his palette in photography with fashion shoots, events, children and now the label of ‘celebrity photographer’ can be added to his accomplishments. A few months ago, Courtney had the pleasure of shooting Chicago legend/actor/writer Wood Harris for a menswear fashion campaign.

By staying focused and perfecting his craft, I believe Courtney is well on his way of being one of the best photographers in the game. That said, check out more about Courtney in this exclusive interview on RowASeat1 featuring the man behind CourtneyShoots below…


RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Courtney Wright: Man, since birth. (Laughs). I was born and raised in one of the fashion capitals, New York. My family is from Jamaica and my mom was more fashionable than my dad. Being the baby, I was always fresh. You can say I was spoiled. When mom passed, it got quiet for my freshness, pops wasn’t having it.

However, Pops kept me fresh for church. I was wearing satchels and attaches way before metrosexual was cool. I stayed in a topcoat too. I guess I can’t discredit pops, huh? (Laughs) My mother’s side of the family was more into fashion than my father’s side. When I got older and was able to acquire those pieces, I did. I always had an eye for good shit.

RowASeat1: Why photography?

imageCW: I always loved taking pictures. I can’t front though, it wasn’t until my freshman year at Columbia, my boy Jacquez was taking a photography class, of course I was the subject, those black and whites of me were just so dope. I really wanted a camera of my own, so I got my first digital which I still use today. Not to mention I like being in front of the camera as much as being behind it.

RowASeat1: Shooting in Chicago vs NYC?

CW: New York for sure. There’s so much to do. However, Chicago allowed me to focus more. It’s easy to get distracted in New York if you’re not serious.

RowASeat1: Lessons you’ve learned thus far as a photographer?

CW: Patience. Taking my time and really focusing, pun intended. Nowadays when I imageshoot, I try to make my subjects comfortable and make sure the shots are composed well. I’m learning a lot about composition.

RowASeat1: I understand you have a love for thrifting, tell me about that.

CW: I got into thrifting back in New York. I’d go to Williamsburg in Brooklyn where all the hipsters are and hunt for vintage Ralph (Lauren) and all the classic Americana shit. I must say though, my best thrifting experiences have been here in Chicago. In New York everyone is young, fly and flashy, so a lot of the goodies are gone. Plus, I’m a big dude, so many times I was disappointed in not finding my size. Chicago has real thrift stores and real thrift store prices. New York has good shit, but you’re still paying damn near retail for it. Sigh.

imageRowASeat1: Favorite designers?

CW: Ralph Lauren, come on son. John Varvatos. Mark Mcnairy. Donna Karan. Yohji Yamamoto. Rachel Comey. Tracy Reese. Tom Ford. Phillip Lim. Raf Simons. Nigo. Jil Sander. Just to name a few.

RowASeat1: Where in the world would be your ideal place to shoot?

CW: Anywhere out the country, any island, doesn’t matter, everyone can get it.

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