WHOA!, is the only word that came to mind, but I assure you it’s a complete understatement of how I felt once I discovered the winter edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is held in Amsterdam, and not just once, but twice a year … Where have I been? Immediately I contacted my friend who happens to be a very skilled and amazing photographer from Amsterdam, Netherlands, Chris Dijksterhuis of Chris Dijksterhuis Photography. To no avail, his press creds for Amsterdam International Fashion Week was just what I needed to hear as well as live vicariously through the lens of his Canon.

According to www.iamsterdam.com, January marked the 10th anniversary for the Amsterdam International Fashion Week and majority of the events were linked to cultural locations characteristic of Amsterdam. All activities were open to the public, allowing a varied audience to become acquainted with the diversity of Dutch fashion – If only that were the case for New York Fashion Week!

From fashion plates to fashion shows, Chris took some really cool photos – I bet Amsterdam was nothing short of amazing and to show my #RowASeat1 VIPs how amazing it was I have the lovely honor of sharing some of Chris’ stylish images with you!

Always remember, just because we’re unable to travel physically doesn’t mean we can’t use our imagination by traveling through the eyes of others. I hope you enjoy the images from  Amsterdam International Fashion Week via my photographer friend (smiles), Chris aka Mr. @netherbetter. Be sure to check out Chris’ Tumblr page (It is so dope): www.nether-better.tumblr.com and follow him on Instagram: @NETHERBETTER, Twitter: @netherbetter or @chrisdijksterhuis and Facebook.com/chrisdijksterhuis.

This is definitely a Row A Seat 1 x NetherBetter collaboration … Are you ready?

Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2014
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