Chicago-based custom denim house, BLR DESIGN drops the latest RTW denim designs and its definitely some heat! BLR DESIGN introduces the Royal Blue ‘Falcon’ 8-pocket 10-ounce stretch cotton/poly twill pant at $275.00.

“Big name fast fashion denim suppliers can offer $39.99 for a pair of jeans because there are probably 30,000+ units in existence. The denim that I create and offer at best is under 20-units. Also, I’m making every pair myself. So this is why my price is what it is. The funny thing is that people who buy Balmain denim at full price ask me if I can offer a discount,” says Rials.

My price point is nowhere near $1200, but I’m offering more of an experience at a reasonable price in relation to work involved. I make something more unique at a cost that is more reasonable than other brands that offer denim at the same quality level. Technically, I should be charging well in the $1,000+ range. So to all of you who want a discount my product is already at a discount. – Brandon L. Rials, designer of BLR Design