At Row A Seat 1 we genuinely enjoy watching the journey of upcoming makeup artists, especially when their love of the industry excites their audience, and encourages them to become even more polished as a professional in the beauty industry.

You bare witness as they build their followers on social media, the countless hours of them trying on product after product, booking their first clients, fearlessly promoting the first event, and as time progresses and they change from that caterpillar into a whimsical butterfly. Or, in Tiffany Humphrey’s case a unicorn!

Tiffany Humphrey is the head ‘Beat Beauty’ behind the makeup brand, TIFF DAILY BEAT and her growth over the years had landed her right hear, and it’s a long way from the days she claimed she ‘hated makeup,’ Now, Tiffany is all about being the best student and MUA she can be while empowering women with her gifts in the process. “My goal with TIFF DAILY BEAT is to empower women and make them feel comfortable trying new colors, having a great skincare regimen and have an overall feeling of Glam,” says Tiffany!

Check out this bomb feature below with ROW A SEAT 1 x TIFF DAILY BEAT… 

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with Beauty?

Tiffany Humphrey of TiffDailyBeat: I fell in love with makeup about four years ago. I saw a picture of myself and thought something is missing lol. Then it snowballed from there.

Row A Seat 1: My personal beauty essentials include…

TiffDailyBeat: I can’t live without Murad Clarifying Cleanser, Freeman apple cider vinegar mask, my cleanser brush, Equate makeup wipes, my ring light lol

Name your Top 5 makeup products you can’t live without. Why?

1. Inglot Kohl Liner: It’s the blackest black liner ever. It goes on smooth and doesn’t budge, and it’s only $12.

2. NARS Contour Geinah: It’s hard to find a dark enough contour powder, but I found the perfect one in NARS. I use it in every look. 

3. LA Girl Pro Concealer: These concealers are EVERYTHING! They are the best concealers. They have a great color range and retail at $3.99.

4. L’oreal Brow Stylist: I didn’t want to spend $20.00 on a brow pencil so I had to find an affordable one and I found it in the L’oreal Brow Stylist. Its perfect and it’s only $7.99.

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette: I have A LOT of eyeshadow palettes, but no matter what look I choose I always go to this palette. I love warm tones so this palette is perfect!

Row A Seat 1: What inspired you to become a MUA?

TiffDailyBeat: I wanted my brand, TiffDailyBeat to be a place where all women can come and get all the beauty information you need. When I started YouTube wasn’t as big, there wasn’t any influencers that were telling women HONESTLY what to buy and what not to buy. I’ve always said let me be the test dummy. Let me try out the products and let you know what is good for oily skin and dry skin, dark spots, etc. I want to be your beauty influencer.

Name your Top 5 makeup artists.

  1. Keita Moore | @kilprity
  2. Pat Mcgrath | @patmcgrathreal
  3. Troye Antonio | @mannequinskin
  4. Diana | @dmr319
  5. Amra Olevic | @amrezy

Row A Seat 1: These makeup artists inspire me because…

TiffDailyBeat: Previously, I picked those MUA’s because they truly inspire me. They are really living their dream. Troye is actually my mentor. He has encouraged me, help me build my kit, and gives me all the makeup tips!! He tells me time and time again that I am growing and learning! I pray that in a few years someone will say the same thing about me.

Row A Seat 1: One person I’d love to meet would be…

TiffDailyBeat: Iman – She came from another country, followed her dream and became a leading force in the makeup industry for women of color. I would love to pick her brain. Oh and Beyonce Duh (laughs).

My favorite place to travel is…

MEXICO! I love Mexico! My family and I go twice a year!

The last thing I googled was…

Black and pink Jordan retro 1

The best thing about me is…

I am a people person ! I love meeting new people! I am a strong believer  in building relationships.

Row A Seat 1: My 2018 will be…

TiffDailyBeat: Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I really want to post videos on my website, host classes, and come out with a line of TiffDailyBeat products.

Row A Seat 1: My Black is Beautiful because…

TiffDailyBeat: I am ME. It took me a while to really discover and accept me for me, flaws and all. I tell myself I am beautiful, I am love, and I am a boss every day.

Row A Seat 1: The dopest advice I’ve received was…

TiffDailyBeat: Not so much advice but a statement “In your lane, there is less traffic” Andre Hammel (my dad) lol. What is for me is for me. I cannot worry about what the next MUA is doing. My focus is TiffDailyBeat.

NOTE FROM TIFF: Also, I want to thank my support system without them I would not be able to have TiffDailyBeat. My husband and the love of my life Jermaine who supports me from beginning to end he has pushed me in every way possible. My Best Friend Sequoia who has been my model from day 1. I use to mess her face up. (Laughs)

My Friend Kai (@Sweetstylesbykai) she saw something in me and has done everything in her power to keep me encouraged and focused on my dream.