The year was 2006, during the eve of Dreamgirls, in a swanky suite in The Peninsula on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile when I was first introduced to the beautiful being, behind the beautiful face of Jennifer Hudson. Celebrity MUA, Tia Dantzler was as warm and fierce then, as she is today! From the silver screen to The White House, Tia’s resume speaks volumes for itself, with clientele ranging from the Academy Awards and The Oprah Show to Vanity Fair and President Barack Obama.

“I love helping people realize the beauty that they already possess,” quotes Tia, which is her platform in life and for women of every color. Take Tia’s beauty blog, The Beauty Elixir, for example, beauties from all over are just a click away from the do’s and don’ts of the beauty world. According to Tia, ‘a flawless face is a fresh face,’ with that said, we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, let’s see what beauty tips this beholder has for us …

RowASeat1: Tia Dantzler is … 

Tia Dantzler: I am passionate about serving others, operating in my purpose and fulfilling every one of my dreams.

RowASeat1: Why the Beauty Industry?

Tia Dantzler: I entered the world of Beauty on a whim, as this was never calculated. I believe this is where I’m supposed to be at this present moment.

RowASeat1: As a CMUA, are you most comfortable in your ‘fresh face” or when your mug is snatched? Why?

Tia Dantzler: I’m all about the fresh flawless face. I wear minimal makeup on the day to day … however, when it’s necessary I will certainly get with it.

RowASeat1: Who/What inspired you?

Tia Dantzler: People walking in their purpose and not afraid to follow their dreams definitely inspire me. I’m inspired by people like Carmindy, Lauren Conrad and Jessica Simpson to name a few. Also, I’m moved by silent achievers who work hard behind the scenes only to reveal great manifestations.

RowASeat1: First MUA job … 

Tia Dantzler: My first makeup job was very memorable it was on a photo shoot with a young model.

RowASeat1: Besides President Barack Obama as bragging rights, who are some of your fantasy clients?

Tia Dantzler: There are a couple people on that ultimate list. I’ll share as soon as it happens because I’m sure it will.

RowASeat1: Name your favorite Beauty trends for Spring/Summer.

Tia Dantzler: I love the breathable skin and all the bright pretty lip colors and well sculpted eyebrows.

RowASeat1: I love your blog, The Beauty Elixir, most informative!!! What advice can you give upcoming MUAs on approaching the industry, building a great kit on a budget and the importance of networking?


Tia Dantzler: Thank You!!! My advice to the young MUA is not to be prohibited by boundaries and routine. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries, study your craft and industry, and provide superior service and network, network. When building your kit I recommend taking it slow and building as you see fit.

RowASeat1: HELP: Eyebrows and Highlighting. What’s your take on the ‘wrong doings’ of these techniques? Give some examples of the best results.

Tia Dantzler: This is a trend that can either go right or really wrong. I would suggest shaping your eyebrows first with either an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder with an angle brush for precision. After you sculpt your brows, take a concealer one shade lighter than your skin and closely apply the concealer underneath your eyebrows and blend into the brow bone for a softer look.

RowASeat1: Upcoming projects for Tia Dantzler …

Tia Dantzler: I just released my first makeup instructional DVD, ‘Tia Dantzler presents Red Carpet Beauty Secrets’ I’m so excited about the feedback from the DVD. I hope to also release my book in 2013 … So stay tuned!!!

RowASeat1: What’s in Tia’s beauty bag?

Tia Dantzler: Some of my favorites right now are: Smashbox concealer sticks, Dior lipstick, Embryolisse Lait Crème, Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel and Too Faced Colored eyeliners.

RowASeat1: What Black men/women need to know about skincare … 


Tia Dantzler: Consistency is always the key when taking care of your skin. I have a daily skincare regimen that I like to stick to ensure flawless skin.

RowASeat1: I never leave home without …

Tia Dantzler: Definitely some kind of lip balm!

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