Chicago Girls Truly Do It Better! Warm and welcoming, it is clear that the Beauty Maven Kristie Doll had a vision that was always meant to be. I had the pleasure of visiting the ChiLash Beauty Lounge, (opened in October 2020) with her work partner, Shakira Emmons, and it is AMAZING! The vibes were chill, the aesthetics are very picturesque equipped with a bar for clients to lounge before and after they’ve been pampered. Kristie Doll is a makeup artist and certified boss! With Beauty & Brains, Kristie has the whole package to make a woman feel beautiful and their brand new lash studio is a direct reflection of that. Beginning with the love for makeup at a young age, her passion for cosmetics only grew with time…

Kristie Doll: makeup artist and cosmetic line owner of The Kristie Doll Beauty

So, what does this Row A Seat 1 Beauty Babe have up her sleeve? Not only did she create a space to make her ‘Kristie Dolls’ feel beautiful, but she is also the owner and founder of her cosmetic line, The Kristie Doll Beauty! What is a beauty lounge, you may ask? In ChiLash‘s case, their beauty lounge is an experience for glam inside and out. Whether it’s The Kristie Doll signature beat or Shakira’s lash extension skills; you can come to enjoy the space while you and your girlfriends wait to get glammed together. Located in the artistic nook of Pilsen, ChiLash Beauty Lounge is the perfect place to book for relaxation + beauty + a sprinkle of #Selfcare with your besties!!!

Row A Seat 1: Define what beauty means to you. 

Kristie Doll: Beauty is anything that makes you feel beautiful. It could be taking a bubble bath. It could be ‘oh I just got my hair done’ or getting your nails done! Anything that makes you feel like the best version of yourself, I think that’s beauty.

What/Who sparked your interest in the beauty industry?

My mom! I’ve told this story before, but when I was younger I used to go into her room and steal her makeup. I would go to school one way and come back totally different. So, it has to be my mom! She was my biggest role model and the first version of the makeup and beauty industry I saw. My favorite tool evolved over time. My favorite things are brows and eyelashes are my top two features I feel like it really shapes your face. I probably couldn’t leave the house without an eyebrow pencil and a pair of lashes!

What’s the name of the first pair of lashes you sold ? How many did you sell? 

The first pair of lashes I sold were the ones I am wearing now, “Doll,” my favorite pair. Initially, I got a big response and support from a lot of women I know which I appreciate. Everything starts off a little slow, but it built up! This was my fastest-selling pair, but that changed because I sold out of my most natural pair, “Angel!” It was a surprise for me to see people go from dramatic to more natural. 

 When did you know you wanted to become a makeup artist?

I’ve gone through so many different changes in my career path. Initially, I thought I was going to be involved with computers. I went to school for computer info systems, I thought I was going to be a web designer. I wanted to be a journalist, I wanted to be a writer because I love to read. Then, one day I was just like, ‘I don’t want to do any of that.’

That sparked the thought of why don’t I just do something I enjoy doing every day that I don’t even think about, which is makeup!

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned while being a business owner?

Patience. I am one of those people who like immediate gratification. I like stuff to happen when I want it to happen. I had to learn to slow down, take my time, pace myself, and let things happen when they’re supposed to and not rush it.

You get better results with a slower pace and it gets done right! If it’s rushed, something always goes wrong. 

Kristie Doll

Owners of ChiLash Beauty Lounge: Kristie Doll & Shakira

What are your plans for ChiLash in the future?

We hope to expand and have various locations and with different themes. This location is very girly, floral, and selfie-friendly. If we venture off to another location we’ll probably have an entirely different look in that space, and we will potentially want to have multiple spaces throughout the city. If anything we will start in Chicago, but if possible, we’d love to expand to other cities. Beauty is popular everywhere! Atlanta has a really big market, of course, LA and Miami.

The Row A Seat 1 family loves to see our fellow Beauty Mavens make boss moves! The Kristie Doll is only one year into her cosmetic line and she is ten steps ahead of the game. Watching the transition from big salons to studio spaces is amazing because it gives the owner an opportunity to truly cater to their client’s needs. Knowing your audience is everything and customer service is even more important. Knowing how awesome it was only for my chit chat, you all are going to love it! If you would like to shop and book beauty services, be sure to follow @chilashbeautylounge on Instagram and @thekristiedoll . Also, do not forget to follow us on Instagram @rowaseat1 for daily mood boards and inspiration.

Ciao, Bellas!