Photographer: Shaun Andru

When did you fall in love with Beauty?

Honestly, when Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (2012) first premiered. I just remember seeing the green screen looks of the cast saying, “I want someone to do my makeup like that!” I wasn’t even into makeup yet, but they were so beautiful. Fast forward to today, I still look at the cast’s beauty looks for inspiration.

My personal beauty essentials include…

1. Wand curlers / Flat Irons

2. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

3. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

4. My Edge Control 

5. Of course makeup

Model: Eli B | Photographer: Shaun Andru

Name your Top 5 makeup products you can’t live without. Why?

Mink Lashes – My eyes are small so lashes help them pop! I’m loving lashes from @theboldfacemakeup at the moment.

Foundation – I need a base for my other makeup products to adhere to! It also gives a flawless finish. I just started using @FentyBeauty shade #300 and I love it.

Highlighter – Everybody loves to glow! It gives me a fresh, healthy skin look. I’m currently using @FentyBeauty “Trophy Wife” or @beccacosmetics “Opal.”

Bronzer – I’m kind of pale, so I need my bronzer to warm my skin back up after foundation is applied, and I use @Maccosmetics “Give me Sun.”

Lipstick – I love a matte lip! It can dress any look up and it lasts for hours! You can even eat and drink with little to no problems. I’m loving the new @Narsissist liquid lipsticks.

What inspired you to become an MUA?

I studied makeup tutorials every night and got better at applying makeup to my face, then girls started to reach out to me to do theirs. I didn’t think I was capable to do someone else’s face but I gave it a shot. When I was finished I was floored with the way my client felt. She was so happy, I knew then that I wanted to continue to make ladies feel beautifully enhanced.

Model: Leah Mariee | Photographer: Shaun Andru

The last thing I googled was…

“Masterchef season 8 winner” lol I needed to know who won before I finished the episode!

Name your Top 5 beauty influencers on Instagram.






Whose one of your favorite people (celebrity)?

Lebron James! He’s been my favorite basketball player ever since I could remember. He’s the reason why I love basketball so much. He’s such a great man on and off the court and I mean he IS the best NBA player in the world! LOL! Seriously though, I’m never star struck but If I were to ever meet him? Remind me what’s my name? LOL!

My favorite place to travel is (would be)… Dubai! I heard it’s so beautiful there and the shopping is A1.

The best thing about me is… I have a big heart. I really care about the friends/family/clients in my life and I make sure they’re good to the best of my ability.

Model: Ashley Brielle | Photographer: Shaun Andru

These makeup artists inspire me because…

King Mali and Tiyana inspire me because not only do they achieve flawless makeup looks, they teach you how to achieve it as well. These ladies find joy in teaching glam (and that’s no easy task). So many artists hold back their tips/tricks and these beauty gurus do live videos, tutorials and 101 lessons. Tiyana even has a Facebook group specifically for Pro Makeup artists to network, talk about beauty trends and whatever beauty questions we may have.

My 2018 will be… About growth and success.

The dopest advice I’ve received was… From a big brother, “Think smart, not hard.”

My Black is Beautiful because…

My black is beautiful because I am filled with strength, integrity, and love and I don’t need justification from anyone to know I am beautiful. I am just as confident without makeup on because my skin is gold and I know my personality will shine through these dark circles LOL! I’m also driven by the courage of a black mother and the wisdom of a black grandmother so my black has no other choice but to be the best shade of beautiful!

Entrepreneur: My Brooke | Photographer: Shaun Andru