Meet Chicago-based MUA JAZ JACKSON.. This beautiful being was already on my FAVES list via YouTube, and the moment we met during a beauty event she was hosting at AKIRA Hyde Park we gelled. But, it wasn’t until we shared the panel for Beauty & Brunch Chicago 2015 is when we started to become more familiar with each other.

Jaz Jackson 4

The more I watched and supported her professional growth it was clear that JAZ is just as beautiful inside as she is outside. Not to mention, the girl can S-N-A-T-C-H a face whether she’s using high-end products or holy grail items from the local drug store. Hey don’t take my word for it, just ask her faithful 210K+ YouTube followers.

Just for you my loves, I had the opportunity to pull JAZ JACKSON away from her waist snatchin’, Jaz Jackson Collection hair testing and sponsored COVERGIRL tutorials to answer a few beauty/hair questions for her Row A Seat 1 Family. So, be seated as the gorgeous beauty and hair guru shares with us some of the things she can’t live without.

Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Jaz Jackson: I fell in love with fashion while in High school. I was so eager to create my own identity (like every teenager) that I began experimenting with different trends. I loved watching 106 & Park to see if I could recreate looks I’d see on music videos!

Row A Seat 1: Define what beauty means to you.

JJ: Beauty to me is undefined. But that’s the “beauty” in it (pun, totally not intended). But what I find beautiful is confidence. Confidence is key to anyone or anything. I find that when people wear their confidence proudly they stand out much more. And to me, that’s beautiful! 

Jaz Jackson 2Row A Seat 1: Who is Jaz Jackson?

JJ: Jaz Jackson is all woman! And I wear that badge proudly. I love to laugh and crack jokes, but I’ll cry my heart out watching the final scene of SELENA  (every single time). Right now, I’m just in a really great space with my confidence. It took me so long to get here but I’m glad I made it. I’m complicated you know? Just like all women. I love 2  Chainz, but I’ll also sing to Ed Sherman. Ultimately, I’d say I’m just a normal girl who decided to not give up. 

Row A Seat 1: Looking back on the first YouTube video you ever uploaded, did you expect all that you have achieved thus far?

JJ: Absolutely not! I had no clue. At the time I was only doing YouTube videos as a hobby to pass the time while I was in cosmetology school. But that one video introduced me to the YouTube world and changed my life forever. I’m so thankful to all of my subscribers. Those who’ve been rocking with me since that video to the ones who subscribed today. They’re truly the reason for all of this. 

Row A Seat 1: I am truly a fan of your makeup tutorials, especially the ‘Drug Store Favorites’ – Can you share with us a few DS Faves to obtain a flawless ‘Beat on a Budget?’

JJ: There are so many drug store products to choose from! But a few of my favorites include Revlon Color Stay foundation, Maybelline has amazing lipsticks and you can never go wrong with any COVERGIRL mascara. 

Jaz Jackson 3

Row A Seat 1: Which products you can’t live without?

JJ: OMG! Do we even have enough time to mention all of these? Lol. Well, I absolutely can’t live without my eyelashes. My favorites are from KISS “So Wispy” lash (I purchase them from my local beauty supply store). Skincare is extremely important so I would die if I didn’t have my Clarisonic facial cleanser. Since I have normal to dry skin I use this everyday to remove dead skin and makeup from my face. 

Row A Seat 1:  The SnapChat filter you use the most, why?

JJ: I’m so embarrassed to say but YES! My favorite filter is the doggy one. I can’t help it it’s so cute. I think my spirit animal is that dog filter

Row A Seat 1: What’s next for the It’s Simply Jackson brand?

Jaz Jackson Collection BrandJJ: The Jaz Jackson brand is growing so much. This year we’re rolling out our first hair collection. The ‘Jaz Jackson Collection’ features my favorite hair textures. I’ve worked very hard on this line to bring a product that’s not only quality but affordable. That was very important to me. Later this year you guys will also see some cool beauty products including liquid lipsticks. I’m very excited! 

Row A Seat 1: Share with us some of your favorite things to get your morning started.

JJ: My favorite morning pick-me-up is usually on the ride into dropping my son off for school. I absolutely LOVE listening to The Rickey Smiley Morning Show on Power 92.3. I also have to stop by Starbucks and grab my favorite drink; Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk. SO GOOD! 

Be sure to follow JAZ JACKSON via Social Media: IG: @itssimplyjackson | Facebook: Jaz Jackson | SnapChat: knownasjackson | Shop Jackson’s new hair line, Jaz Jackson Collection here.