It’s always a pleasure to celebrate another #GirlBoss and what better way to introduce the beautiful Dena Williams, MUA/Graphic Designer of Lure Cosmetics with an exclusive beauty feature for my RowASeat1 VIPs and potential Beauty Mavens.

Dena Williams of Lure CosmeticsLet’s start from the beginning… According to Dena, in 2005, she established a goal to enhance beauty and highlight features by applying unique makeup applications. Dena began working at a makeup studio as a receptionist. Viewing the structure of the human face was a canvas for her creativity. Amongst clients she became the makeup artist known as the “eyelash girl.” Dena believes that beauty is the courage to be unique and to discover who you are as individual, in which she takes pride in her artistic talents and the satisfaction of her client’s appreciation.

That said, in 2013, Dena created her own cosmetic line, Lure Cosmetics – a luxury cosmetic brand that redefines your natural features on an affordable level. I like to call Lure Cosmetics a luxury on a budget.

Check out the RowASeat1 x Lure Cosmetics exclusive beauty feature below…

RowASeat1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

MUA Dena Williams: I fell in love with fashion when I was about five years old. My mom is a fashionista and my sister is a fashion stylist. I believe it runs in the family.

RowASeat1: Who is Dena Williams?

Lure CosmeticsDW: Dena Williams is a ‘Jane of all trades.’ I am a native from Chicago and I was born to seek out the beauty and creativity of numerous displays. Earning my degree in graphic design from Columbia College Chicago. While attending Columbia, I worked on numerous projects and schemes, enhancing company and event profits by utilizing my skills in graphic design. Creating the perfect balance of intrinsic art, then I decided to place my creativity into makeup artistry.

RowASeat1: What about the Beauty industry sparked an interest to create your own cosmetic line?

DW: What sparked my interest in creating my cosmetics line was being a makeup artist and not being able to provide my clients what I put on them. Instead of sending them to the cosmetic stores I felt why not provide them with a service and products. Why send them out to buy from other people when they can buy from me? So, I created Lure Cosmetics.

RowASeat1: For those who aren’t familiar with Lure Cosmetics, can you share some information about your company and products?

DW: Lure Cosmetics is a Luxury Cosmetics Brand. Every woman desires to feel and look beautiful, yet Lure Cosmetics Logolack the appropriate finishing touch to enhance her natural beauty.

Lure Cosmetics unveils your natural beauty with our trendy shades and innovative formulas. Our products offer sensual creamy lipsticks, luxurious high shine lip glosses, natural radiant shadows and liners and mascaras that provide limitless opportunities for defining eye moments. Lure Cosmetics not only redefines a woman’s beauty, but highlights her greatest features.

RowASeat1: As a trained MUA and creator of your own beauty products, what are some common beauty faux pas women of color make regularly?

DW: * Over doing your eyebrows (making them bigger and darker than what they’re are)
* Going crazy with the blush
* Contouring is done all wrong
* Overkill on eye shadow
* Picking the wrong eye shadow for a smoky eye

RowASeat1: Give me some tips on the proper ways to contouring.

DW: * Use a foundation 2 shades lighter than your skintone to highlight.
* When contouring use a low or non-shimmer bronzer. Set it with powder.
* Highlight the bridge of your nose to lighten the face.
* Contour on each side of the nose to make it look more slim and defined.
* Highlight the high point of the cheekbone to define cheek.
* Contour the underside of the cheekbone to strengthen your bone structure.
* Contour around the hairline to warm the face and shorten forehead.

Lure Luxury Nude Lips

RowASeat1: Name your favorite and popular Lure Cosmetic products.

DW: As you know I love all Lure products. The Top Six popular lip colors are: Bubbly Luxury Lip-gloss, Angelina Luxury Lipstick, Boysenberry Luxury Lipstick, Some Like it Hot Luxury Lipstick, Shiraz matte lipstick and French Roast matte lipstick. I love Lure’s eyebrow kit. It comes with the highlighter, brow powder and my favorite brow brush. My personal favorite going out on a night around town is Shiraz matte lipstick. I think I wear that color too much! (Laughs) Shiraz is a color that can be worn with pretty much anything.

RowASeat1: Explain your daily makeup routine.

DW: My daily routine is a 10-minute mini makeover:
* Cleanse my face with Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily cleansing pads
* Aveeno moisturizing lotion
* Fill in my brows (Lure Brow Kit)
* Highlight my brow bone with Lure’s seashell pencil
* Lure’s concealer over any dark blemishes
* Press powder all over face
* Blush
* Bronzer
* Lure’s Luxury Mascara
* Lure’s Black Eyeliner
* Lure’s Bubbly Luxury Lip-gloss

RowASeat1: Why the move from Chicago to ATL? How has your business transitioned thus far?

DW: The move from Chicago to Atlanta… (Laughs) It’s funny you asked. I think there are more job opportunities in Atlanta. They call it the “ Black Hollywood.” It was as close to Hollywood that I could get to right now. (Laughs) Other reasons were for myself. I needed to leave a familiar place in order to grow. Sometimes we have to leave for a minute to find one’s self and our purpose in life. Me being away from family and friends was a HUGE change for me, but it was necessary.

Dena Williams and model

Thus far, my business has transitioned pretty well. Lure Cosmetics is sold in a salon, Highland Blow Bar Studio located in Virginia Highlands in Atlanta. It’s taking a little more work because I am new to the city, but I will say the southern hospitality is so welcoming. It’s all about networking! If you have a great personality along with great work and product you can’t go wrong.

RowASeat1: Which Beauty Mavens do you admire? Why?

DW: Makeup mavens I admire are Sam Fine and Renny Vasquez. I love their work! I love the natural glamour look. I don’t like the drag. I believe makeup is to enhance your natural features not to change your entire look to the point people wouldn’t recognize you. It’s a time and place for certain makeup. Both of their work are precise, natural and redefine the natural features.

RowASeat1: What’s next for Lure Cosmetics?

DW: Soon. Lure will be a full line of cosmetics. It will provide you with all your makeup needs. Custom foundation (full to sheer), you will be able to create custom lipstick and lip-gloss colors. Before 2015 is over we will be in stores!

RowASeat1: If I didn’t work in the Beauty Industry I would be doing…

DW: Well, I am a graphic designer. I create all of Lure marketing materials from the logo to the website to anything that says Lure Cosmetics I designed it. I just love art! Art is what makes the world go round.


For more information about MUA Dena Williams and Lure Cosmetics, shop online here: and be sure to follow the Lure Cosmetics movement via Social Media: IG: @msdena and @lurecosmetics – Facebook: Dena Williams and LureCosmetics – Twitter: @Lure_Cosmetics.