Now it’s one thing to be a makeup artist known to ‘beat a face,’ but it’s another when you’ve reached that level of understanding facial anatomy, bone structure and the importance of great skincare which are some qualities that makes this Windy City MUA Andrea C. Samuels a high commodity among the beauty industry.

Whether she’s assisted celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff during New York Fashion Week (2013), being booked for photo shoots, weddings and etc., Andrea C. Samuels is always brushing up her clientele from one appointment to the next.

And, Andrea’s clients rave reviews of her work are priceless, not to mention the volume of her portfolio is as colorful as her makeup kit. From one beauty babe to another, we all know when searching for that amazing makeup artist (for that special event or just because we want to feel pretty) that can transform your look and educate you about the history of your skin is extremely important.

Well here’s a fun fact about Andrea C. Samuels: At the age of nine, she took special college courses in Fine Arts at The School of The Art Institute. But, unlike the average girlie girl who played in her mother’s makeup bag – it was those early years of being an artist up into high school where makeup was not considered an Art form. Believe it or not, it wasn’t until Andrea landed a job at Macy’s where she gained a love and appreciation for makeup. At Macy’s she gained the proper training and beauty knowledge at the makeup counters which blended her art world and new found love for beauty together.

This Row A Seat 1 x MUA Andrea C. Samuels exclusive gives some advice on breakouts, the usage of wearing makeup daily and why she chose the beauty industry … Get ready, the show is about to start!

Row A Seat 1: Describe to me a day in the life of MUA Andrea C. Samuels.

Andrea C. Samuels: Every day is completely different: I could go from working with kids, to working with dancers, to working with top models, to working with brides. I love that my schedule changes every week, my life is unpredictable so it definitely keeps me excited. I am a freelance artist, I am literally free to do as I please so my passion exceeds all the long nights and crazy days. Thankfully, I am not restricted to retail rules or hours any more.

Row A Seat 1: Why the beauty industry?

ACS: Growing up, I hated cosmetics in the 80’s; eye shadow was cheap and chalky, mascara was clumpy, and lipstick was oily. I originally used makeup as an art material and created paintings, drawings and sketches with makeup and/or basic art supplies. Art was my foundation, but the beauty industry found me. It wasn’t until I graduated from high school I started to take makeup more seriously and started playing on my friends faces. Photographers started to take notice of my work and around age 23 was when I started working test shoots. Eventually test shoots progressed into paid work, and that’s when life started to begin for me.

Row A Seat 1: What beauty advice can you give to women of color?

ACS: Advice to women of color: Don’t over do it. Keep it simple.

Row A Seat 1: Often times I hear women discussing the many breakouts from wearing makeup daily, what do you think could be causing these issues?

ACS: Women breaking out from certain products could be a result of:

– Hormones, Stress: Keep Calm and Eat Better! Water, fruit, veggies, or even a little relaxation can be the answer to a lot of your skin problems.

– Excessive use of products, dirty/non-sanitized products: Make sure you are cleaning your brushes at the very least on a weekly basis. The build up of products on a sponge or brush will result in a breakout from the excessive amount of dirt and oil on one product. Keep your skin happy by cleansing your products.

– Allergies/sensitivity to products: If your skin turns red or becomes inflamed from use of a product, it’s time to try something more light weight for your skin. Try all natural, vegan friendly product lines such as OCC and ProFixx, or brushes like EcoTools to keep your skin calm. There are lots of new companies coming out with healthier makeup products so make sure you do your research!

Watch MUA Andrea C. Samuels at work in the video below – CREDITS: A collaborative team work for fashion photo shoot with stylist (T.J. Williams), Photographer (Ashley Y. Venerable), Make Up Artist (Andrea C. Samuels) and cinematographer (Abiodun A Damiro). Thanks to 2ND shooter (Elliott Basler) and location provider (Amy)

For booking information, email all inquiries to Check out more of MUA Andrea C. Samuel’s portfolio here; and get more updates of her work on FB: Andrea C. Samuels; Twitter: @andreacsamuels; and IG: @andreasamuelsamuelsmakeup.