Hi, Style Mavens! Today, I will be showcasing five eyewear brands I think could fit any personality type or need. I’ve always found eyewear to be one of the most self-expressive accessories! If you don’t want to talk to anyone, you might throw on a pair of blockers, if you’re feeling bold, you might put on a pair of clear lenses with a funky frame and if you’re feeling sassy? Tinted is the way to go. We have a lot of engagement about the companies we feature, so here is our call to action! Enjoy the top five brands that we love. If you aren’t hip to these brands already, trust me you’ve seen their work before. On top of that, they are all black-owned!

These are in no particular order!


2) Elegant Eyes Inc: East Orange, New Jersey

3) Coco and Breezy

4) Bôhten

5) Nroda Luxury Eyewear + Jewelry

You can find all of these fly frames plus more on Instagram. If you want to cop any of them, click the link above each featured eyewear brand for the company website. Thanks for reading, Style Mavens!