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Don’t miss out as Adidas Field Agent Will Barnard gives us the Adidas experience through his sole… Dropping knowledge about everything from Pop Culture’s major influence on new collaborations to the benefits of purchasing a sneaker with boost technology, and how starting a non-profit,“Sir Wyll Meals” to help feed the homeless in Chicago has been food for his soul.

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Row A Seat 1: When did you fall in love with fashion?

Will Barnard: I fell in love with fashion back in the 90’s growing up under my older cousins. They were the first ‘fresh to death’ guys I saw outside of TV land. The first sneaker heads I knew was my older cousin Terry who I credit my love for sneakers. I never saw that guy with the same pair of sneakers twice. His outfits always complemented his kicks. That’s were I gravitated.

Row A Seat 1: Style is…

Will Barnard 1Will Barnard: Style is individuality and confidence with a small pinch of arrogance. I personally think you have the guts to dress yourself in whatever YOU FEEL is fly, whatever makes you comfortable and not give a damn about no one’s opinion on your style.

Row A Seat 1: Walk us through a typical 9-to-5 for you at the office.

Will Barnard: A typical 9-5 when I’m out in the field…
* Inside store locations training store associates on new product
* Giving tech clinics on footwear releases
* Meeting with store management about marketing & product placement
* Updating visual elements
* Merchandising products within the adidas shop

Row A Seat 1: With Chicago being such a huge connoisseur of NIKE, why work for Adidas?

Will Barnard: Adidas is a brand for the people. With Adidas, the individual is the creator. It’s special because the influencers have the power. Whomever Pop Culture deems as ‘stylish and fashionable’ Adidas genuinely develops a relationship with them.

Whether it’s Kanye West being awarded “Shoe of the Year” in 2015 with his Yeezy Boost and completely taking sneaker hype to the next level, and being afforded the opportunity to create more product. Pharrell releasing four amazing Originals collections. Rita Ora and Stella McCartney placing their fingerprints on women’s athletic apparel and infusing style and comfort with workout gear. Completely changing the game for the ladies.

The stand out releases from 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Teyana Taylor and Pusha T – Adidas provides a product for every consumer. And the classic staple pieces like the Superstar Shell Toes and Stan Smith adds to the originality of the brand. But still always evolving, Adidas has produced two shoes that are crushing the market: The Ultra Boost and NMD. All factors on why people are taking to the brand now more than ever. It’s an authentic freshness.will-got-sole-1

Row A Seat 1: What’s this fetish you have with Jeremy Scott sneakers?

Will Barnard: Jeremy Scotts are Art pieces. I remember years ago being introduced to the sneakers and my feelings then were “these are neck-breakers to the highest degree.” I was immediately attracted to the weirdness, always loved things that stood out… it was definitely a connection. It goes back to what I was saying about having confidence. That’s a shoe that’s going to cause reactions, positive or negative. To me, it’s never forgetting that Jeremy Scotts are something that I love. So I take every comment with a grain of salt. Plus those joints are fly as hell!

Row A Seat 1: Since Adidas released the first Yeezy Boost sneaker, how has the sneaker trend(s) changed for Adidas (the brand) and the demand of the Adidas consumer?

Will Barnard: The Yeezy has brought a new generation of consumers to Adidas. Simply because Kanye West, his fan base, influence and star power is a force in Pop Culture. Technically, the ultra boost released first and the Yeezy boost came after, but it wasn’t until Kanye performed at the Bulls playoff game in the all white ultra boost that the shoe became extremely popular and the demand grew.

The ultra boost is a running shoe with the best technology on the planet, that’s a fact. The shoe is selling out like retro! The success of the ultra boost opens doors for the NMD which has ruled 2016 releases. With major success it’s easy for Adidas to partner up with Pusha T and release an older model shoe like the EQT and cause a demand for more of that specific shoe. The Yeezy has caused the causal sneaker fan to look at Adidas in a different light, I here it all the time in the field. People tell me “oh I didn’t know Adidas made this or partnered with this person” – It’s become something special to watch.

Will Barnard spending time with young fashion entrepreneurs of The Suiter’s Academy through AfterSchool Matters

Row A Seat 1: A few months back, The Breakfast Club – Power 105.1 interviewed the Global Director of Adidas Jon Wexler who shared some amazing information in regards to the Boost technology of Adidas. What’s your intel about it?

Will Barnard: Great interview. Jon provided a lot of fantastic details about boost technology. Shouts out to The Breakfast Club for giving Adidas that platform. In its simplest form, the boost is just the most comfortable shoe you’ll ever wear. That’s not hype. What I love about the boost technology, its not just placed into two shoes. It’s the ultra boost, energy boost, response boost, Yeezy boost, Pure Boost and Pure Boost X, Adizero boost and D Rose 6 boost. Adidas has produced at least one shoe that contains boost across every category for the consumer. To me, that’s what’s important. Adidas wants to create a moment for every consumer no matter what activity one is participating in. We want every consumer to feel this comfort and know boost technology is the best.

Row A Seat 1: OAN: Besides your love for sneakers, I understand your selfless acts of kindness have directed you to start a non-for-profit. Tell us about that project.

Will Barnard: Yes! Pierre Leamington is the brand I started – “Sir Wyll Meals” is something I created on my birthday – once a month I feed the homeless. I started with 93 lunch bags that I passed out on my birthday in January. Since then that number has grown to 600 bag lunches being passed out every month with the help of friends and family.

Under Pierre Leamington I was able to cover the cost of prom for a young lady attending Thornwood High School and this upcoming fall I’ll be passing out Pierre Leamington’s First “Fresh 2 Death” scholarships to two freshman. I think it’s very important that we feed our youth positivity and strength. It’s cool to be fly, but if you’re not helping the youth and giving them wisdom and assisting them in anyway possible, you’re corny.

Will Barnard 2William Barnard
Adidas Field Agent
IG: @willgotsole